The 7 Best Noom Diet and Health Alternatives

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The 7 Best Noom Diet and Health Alternatives

Noom is a popular dieting program, but some people find its monthly pricing to be excessively much. These Noom alternatives are either free or less ex

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Noom is a popular dieting program, but some people find its monthly pricing to be excessively much. These Noom alternatives are either free or less expensive. Noom is one of the most popular diet management apps because it may help you alter your perspective about eating rather than just cutting calories. Noom isn’t free, unfortunately. After a brief trial period, you must begin paying for a membership.

Fortunately, there are apps that provide comparable functionality to Noom that are either free or less expensive! Some of these applications are more focused on food and weight loss, while others assist you change your health perspective to one that is more positive.


We’d be negligent if we didn’t mention MyFitnessPal, which is now one of the most popular fitness and weight-loss applications. While a paid subscription is available, it is fully optional, and the free version has a ton of great features.

You may also get cooking ideas, remain active with gym programs, and create objectives in addition to tracking your daily calories and nutrients. There are also a number of free plans available to assist you in getting started, such as the Simple Start Challenge and the Building Healthy Habits plan.

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Get Rid of It!

Although Lose It! provides a daily calorie and nutrient intake recommendation, it is unusual in that it divides the calories for you into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. If you have trouble timing your meals throughout the day, this is a good option.

Then, using Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, and other major fitness brands, you may manually or automatically add exercises. There’s also a network of folks you can reach out to if you need support or inspiration to keep going on your fitness quest.

Lose It! is free to download and use, but if you enjoy the app and want to unlock more features, you may upgrade to a paid premium membership. It is, however, far less expensive than Noom.


Healthi is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to keep track of what they’re eating without having to look at calorie counts all day. Healthi counts nibbles rather than calories, which the app calculates for you. There are even meals that Healthi labels as “zero bites,” meaning they don’t count against your daily bite limit.

You can see some recipes in the free version, but you’ll need to pay to the Pro version to see all of them and use Healthi’ s meal plans. The free version also has a useful health check function that allows you to track your water, fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean protein, oil, whole grain, and multivitamin intake.


Fooducate is a free alternative to Noom with a very user-friendly layout. When you first open the app and view the usual home page, you’ll see four major buttons for navigating the software: blue Health Tracker, red Food Finder, orange Community, and green Diet Tips.

You’ll monitor your meals and snacks as you consume them throughout the day in Health Tracker, using up your daily calorie allowance. You may also keep track of your water consumption and activity here. You may scan a product’s barcode or perform a manual search for things already in the system, such as fruits and vegetables, using the Food Finder option.

The Community button allows you to connect with others who are embarking on their own health and fitness journeys. Then, by pressing the Diet Tips icon, you’ll be sent to articles published by Fooducate on a variety of themes, such as what foods are in season and why specific meals are healthy.

Calorie Counter on MyPlate

Specifically for calorie counting, MyPlate is a wonderful alternative to Noom. You’ll get a daily calorie estimate for the full day after inputting your information. Then, when you eat and enter meals and snacks throughout the day, you burn off those calories.

Calories, calories burnt, macronutrients, and micronutrients may all be set as daily objectives. Without a paid subscription, you won’t be able to see macros for specific meals, but you will be able to see your total macros throughout the day.

Coach for Mindful Eating

Although you can write down what you ate in the notes area of a Mindful Eating Coach entry, the app’s major focus is on how you feel before and after you eat. This software focuses on the discipline of mindful eating and having a healthy connection with food, as the name suggests.

There are in-depth courses that teach you about mindful eating as well as typical food mistakes and misunderstandings. You’ll make a Before You Consume entry and an After You Eat entry every time you eat a meal or a snack throughout the day to track your hunger levels and emotions while you eat.

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Right now, eat

Eat Right Now is a mindful eating service that teaches you how to be more aware of your body, hunger levels, and desires. Our software does not allow you to track your meals, calories, or nutrients, so if that’s what you’re looking for, try one of the other apps on this list.

Eat Right Now contains lessons on mindful eating as well as techniques to utilize when you’re anxious or have a hankering for bad food. This software teaches you to think of eating as an essential source of energy rather than something to avoid.

Begin your health journey right now

When it comes to any new habit, getting started is frequently the most difficult aspect. However, with free applications like these, you can quickly test them out to see which one suits you best. Eating healthy and exercising will become easier and more natural after you’ve found the correct app.

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