The Evolution of Perfection – Exploring Gen5 Glock Pistols


The Evolution of Perfection – Exploring Gen5 Glock Pistols

The Exploring Gen5 Glock Pistols demonstrate this versatility by improving grip ergonomics and safety features.

The glock 19 Generation 5 was initially developed for a specific FBI contract. It utilizes a polygonal barrel that offers more accuracy than tradition

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The glock 19 Generation 5 was initially developed for a specific FBI contract. It utilizes a polygonal barrel that offers more accuracy than traditional grooved-rifling-type barrels.

Other ergonomic upgrades include a reversible magazine release and an ambidextrous slide stop that allows left-handed shooters to operate the pistol efficiently. It also has a flared mag well to help with faster reloads.


Glock pistols are designed to serve various needs, from the precision of sports shooters to the constant readiness of law enforcement officers. The gen5 glock pistols demonstrate this versatility by improving grip ergonomics and safety features.

For starters, Glock removed the finger grooves on the grip to provide superior grip comfort for various hand sizes. They also added ambidextrous slide-stop levers that make it easy for left-hand shooters to manipulate the weapon.

Glock also flared the magazine well on the Gen 5, a small change that makes mag changes easier. However, this will likely play havoc with some popular aftermarket upgrades since most are model-specific. Glock also realized that not all hands are equal and introduced swappable backstraps for a more customized fit.

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Glock has several guns that feature Gen 5 technology. They include the G26 and the G19, both popular options for concealed carry. The latter consists of the glock marksman barrel (GMB) for increased accuracy. It also features a flared mag-well and ambidextrous slide stop lever.

Gen5 Glock Pistols

One of the more exciting changes to Gen 5 is that they no longer use two pins to hold the trigger and lock block together. The company isn’t saying why they changed this, but it could be that the second pin was causing reliability issues with high-round-count pistols.

The Gen 5 barrel is also threaded for the attachment of a suppressor. It is a welcome change for anyone looking to make their Gen 5 gun more tactical. However, if you use aftermarket parts with your Glock, they will no longer fit.


Glock pistols don’t have any safety devices that prevent you from shooting them. It is a good thing, and it makes for a very easy-to-operate gun in stressful situations.

One change that isn’t a safety but is an improvement is the shape and location of the slide stop. Gen 5 slide stops are easier to get to than their predecessors, making reloading quicker.

Another small but significant change is that Gen 5s don’t have finger grooves in front of the grip. Some people like the grooves, but others found them challenging to use because their gloves didn’t line up perfectly with the tracks. Also, the Gen 5s no longer have a half-moon cutout in the frame to facilitate pulling stubborn magazines out of their magazine wells.

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As with previous generations, the gen5 Glocks still use a single recoil spring. However, the trigger system components have been modified to produce a more accessible, cleaner, and consistent trigger.

Besides the new, more spartan recoil spring and single pin at the locking block (which reduces the number of working parts), there aren’t any significant changes to the inner values. However, the Gen5 guns have a smaller frame dimension that can cause holster compatibility problems if you carry one with a light-mounted weapon.

Trigger control is critical to the overall shooting performance of any pistol. Understanding how to break down the nine trigger positions allows you to understand and improve your fire control skills. It, in turn, makes you a better shooter. The gen5 trigger is said to have 7% less travel than the Gen 4 models, but it feels like more than that.


Glocks are a favorite among law enforcement officers and shooters across the country. They’re reliable, compact, and easy to use in high-stress situations where fractions of a second count.

The Gen5 series has several design improvements that improve accuracy, durability, and ergonomics. They include a flared mag-well, an ambidextrous slide stop lever, and the removal of finger grooves.

The DLC finish improves the pistol’s resistance to corrosion and scratches while making it harder for grit to erode the trigger. The absence of the finger grooves makes it easier to grip the gun, especially when wearing gloves. The trigger also feels a bit smoother than previous generations of the Glock. It still has what many call the “Glock trigger bump” when fully retracted, but it is not nearly as difficult to pull as it was in the past.

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