Cost of Developing a Health App


Cost of Developing a Health App

The cost of developing a health app varies according to many factors. The nature of your business, target audience and existing technologies all play

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The cost of developing a health app varies according to many factors. The nature of your business, target audience and existing technologies all play a role in determining the cost of developing a health app. Health apps are rapidly becoming popular due to their potential to attract new customers and provide vital functions for existing ones as well. For the sake of the broader scope of this post, will endeavor to explore the health mobile app development cost focusing on those key considerations.

Norgic is one of the leading healthcare providers in the United Kingdom who provides a host of apps, some free, some paid for. They currently boast over ten thousand apps and continue to grow daily. In recent years, they have seen a steady growth in downloads and have quickly established themselves as one of the top healthcare apps in the world. As of today, Norgic has more than four hundred and fifty healthcare apps in their portfolio that can be downloaded from the App Store.

In order to understand the costs associated with developing a healthcare app for Norgic, it is important to understand the technologies that they use. First, they utilize web services and Java to build the back end of the applications. Next, they utilize mobile technology to deliver those features. Lastly, they use an in-house developed application called “Myntraffic” to capture user data.

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As previously mentioned, Norgic’s healthcare apps fall into the free to download category. To this end, most healthcare organizations consider Norgic’s apps to be high quality. As such, they offer the app at no cost. The cost of developing a health mobile app for Norgic is approximately six dollars per month. By comparing this to the approximately twenty dollar cost of creating a website, the six dollar monthly cost of healthcare apps is a reasonable estimation of the expense of healthcare apps in the market.

As was noted previously, most healthcare organizations view the cost of developing a health app as being reasonable. In fact, they see the cost of healthcare apps as less expensive than the cost of developing a website. However, there are still factors that influence the cost of health mobile app development. The first factor is whether the app fits into the organization’s mobile strategy. If the app is a complement to other mobile strategies, the cost of the app will be lower. If not, then the cost of developing the app will increase significantly.

Another factor that affects the cost of healthcare apps developed by Norgic is the number of users of their existing apps. If there are many users who are accessing the same information on the same device, the cost of the healthcare app increases because each user would need to pay for the information provided. This is true especially for apps that are in the business of collecting personal data or selling it to third parties. These apps would naturally incur more cost if it has a high volume of users.

One example of a type of healthcare app that could increase the cost of developing a mobile application is one that allows a medical professional to access medical records remotely via a PDA or smartphone. Some apps do allow doctors to share information with patients via SMS. This may mean that the doctor would need to develop additional apps, as well, such as a messaging app to send message on various medical conditions. Other examples of apps that require a person to access medical records through a smartphone are ones that help caregivers know what medications should be given to a patient and how to dose medical supplies.

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Whether one’s healthcare app is focused on one’s profession or one’s individual health, one can expect to pay a heavy price for developing it. If one already has an existing business that caters to healthcare professionals, this cost of developing an app may not be as great as it initially seems.

Even if one has existing connections in the healthcare community, building new relationships with app developers may also increase costs. Regardless of how one decides to go about getting an app developed for his or her business, one must be realistic about how much money it will cost. Even on the low end of the app-development spectrum, healthcare professionals should not get too worked up over the prospect of having to spend a lot of money on developing their own apps.

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