8 Social Media Selfies You Should Never Post

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8 Social Media Selfies You Should Never Post

Not every selfie is worthy of being shared on social media. Here's what to stay away from. Selfies have been increasingly popular in the recent decade

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Not every selfie is worthy of being shared on social media. Here’s what to stay away from. Selfies have been increasingly popular in the recent decade. We can’t stop ourselves from shooting selfies whether we’re working in the cabin or driving. While selfies are a terrific way to capture moments for later enjoyment, not all of them are worthy of being shared on social media. We’ll go over a list of selfies you shouldn’t post on social media to prevent being embarrassed or risking legal ramifications in this article.

1. Selfie in an Embarrassing Situation

People notice the background of a selfie in addition to what you’re doing in it, and a minor oversight in capturing anything embarrassing in the background is likely to make others chuckle. Even if you’ve never done it before, taking a selfie like this on social media can be quite embarrassing.

In a Reddit post, a man stated that he despises his fiancée for photographing him sleeping, while the mirror reveals that he is expressing his creativity by using his toes. It’s admirable that he was able to accomplish such a feat, but the lesson we should learn from it is that a background mirror can also expose and shame us.

As a result, when you share your selfie on social media, make sure there’s nothing in the backdrop that can make others laugh or make a comment about it, making you feel uncomfortable.

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2. Take a Money Selfie

We are naturally compelled to record the moment when we have a large sum of money on hand. Although snapping a selfie like this is entirely allowed, sharing it on social media isn’t. You give robbers a motive to break into your house by putting it online. A thief came up to the home of an 18-year-old after he uploaded a Snapchat story with cash.

According to Entertainment.ie, the thief made off with $280 in cash and a valuable watch. As a result, if you don’t want to be plagued by unwelcome visitors, it’s best not to reveal how much money you have.

3. Selfie with a Weapon That Isn’t Legal

Possessing an illegal weapon is a severe felony, and taking a photo with it in your hand or in the background can get you in serious trouble. If you reside in a state where having a specific gun you’re hiding is illegal, don’t share a selfie with it.

A 42-year-old man was sentenced to almost 15 years in jail for sharing a selfie of himself with a.45 caliber pistol, according to Business Insider. So, don’t publish such photos on social media if you don’t want to wind yourself in jail for one selfie.

4. Taking a selfie in the voting booth

The polling booth is another area where you should never bring your phone. Also, if it’s against the law to use your phone inside the polling booth and you take a picture of yourself voting, don’t post it on social media. Even if you’re trying to get people to vote, don’t do it.

According to The News Minute, a guy was detained for taking a selfie while voting in a voting booth. So, despite the desire to express your support for a political party you publicly support, don’t take photos inside the ballot booth.

5. Take a Selfie While Drunk

It’s totally OK to photograph yourself or have someone else photograph you when you’re inebriated. When you’re sober again, you’ll be able to appreciate and chuckle at these memories. However, taking pictures with a can of wine in your hand and publishing them on social media might be damaging to your health.

While doing so may damage your reputation, it may also hinder you from getting your ideal job. Employers may check at your social media presence, and showing up for work while inebriated will not assist your job quest. So, if you don’t want something like that to happen to you in the future, keep your drunken night selfies to yourself and don’t post them on social media.

6. Selfie with Documents of Confidential Information

Sharing sensitive papers, such as birth certificates and flight permits, on social media can potentially land you in jail. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it may easily be used to hurt you financially, legally, and socially.

Check out our list of facts that you should never post on the internet. Make sure the selfie does not expose any of this information before hitting the upload button. If you’re inclined to publish it on social media, make sure the crucial information is hidden or blurred first.

7. Taking a Selfie While Engaging in Illegal Behavior

It is a criminal to engage in illicit action, but it would be a horrible error to share it on social media. If you’re hunting in an unlawful location, speeding above the speed limit, or engaged in similar crimes, you should never take a picture. Even if you succeed, don’t share it on social media.

According to The New York Post, a similar selfie helped the FBI arrest a burglar whose appearance matched data from a security camera. To avoid getting into trouble, whether you breach the law by a small margin or commit a significant crime, it’s preferable not to broadcast it on social media.

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8. Taking a Selfie at Work or in Unauthorized Areas

A selfie taken at work or in other areas where you are not permitted to remove your phone from your pocket, such as a courthouse or police station, might result in your dismissal or the imposition of substantial fines.

Before you snap a photo, make sure you’re familiar with the company’s policies and guidelines for the location you’re visiting. Even if you do it by accident, do not share it on social media with a check-in, making it simpler for police to catch you.

A guy was fined £400 for snapping a picture in court and sharing it on Facebook, according to the Daily Mail. You may avoid a similar scenario by resisting the impulse to post about how much fun you’re having on social media.

Apart from selfies, there are other sorts of postings you should avoid sharing on social media—see our list of what not to post online.

Avoid Posting Selfies on Social Media

Now that you know which selfies to avoid, consider hard before posting them on social media to avoid exposing yourself to ridicule or getting yourself into legal problems. Additionally, you should refrain from taking selfies that endanger your or others’ lives.

On a high vantage point, with a hazardous animal, while driving, and on construction sites are just a few of the perilous Selfies You Should Never Post.

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