Your helpful and reliable guide to 6 Month Smile Treatment


Your helpful and reliable guide to 6 Month Smile Treatment

You bring up the topic of braces and everyone around you will be a mile away. It is cool if you are young because the advantages of a beautiful smile

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You bring up the topic of braces and everyone around you will be a mile away. It is cool if you are young because the advantages of a beautiful smile for the rest of the lifetime easily outweigh the embarrassment of investing a couple of years in wearing braces. To wear braces as an adult seems to be nothing less than social stigma.

It makes eating awkward, business meetings little difficult, attending social occasions uncomfortable and everything to the extent that you can pretty well forget kissing. Thus the majority of people just run for cover on hearing about braces. They prefer living with their misaligned, wonky teeth their entire lifetime without going for corrections.

The statistics revealed by the British Dental Journal state as many as 3 out of every 4 people can easily benefit from orthodontic dentistry. But you will never see that number of people walking with braces. The reasons that prevent people from correcting their defects are cost and embarrassment caused by braces.

Yes it cannot be denied that at one point of time orthodontic treatments are costly. But these days newer technologies are evolving that are not only effective in correcting wonky teeth but also make a lesser pinch in the pocket. One such example is 6 Months Smile. It is an American technique which has now reached the British shore.

The technique is meant to correct your gapy gums and crooked smiles using hi tech orthodontic braces. The procedure works faster and proves to be more comfortable compared to many other techniques. Most importantly the braces remain virtually invisible inside your mouth. Thus it sounds much like the answer to your prayers!

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More about 6 Month Smile

The procedure depends on tooth coloured braces. As the name suggests, the procedure straightens the teeth in an average time of 6 months. In contrast to that traditional metal braces require 2 to 3 years on average.

6 Month Smile works faster but how?

Six Month Smile treatment is concerned only about the teeth at the front – the ones that show when you smile. Contrary to conventional braces it does not attempt to bring about any major change to your bite. In other words, the treatment aims at bringing major cosmetic improvement while making only tiny adjustments to the teeth.

What does the procedure involve?

Similar to conventional braces treatment and invisalign, the procedure for 6 Month Smile too starts with a customary visit to your dentist. The oral health practitioner thoroughly diagnoses your mouth, clicks X Rays and digital photographs.

In the next step you two get into a detailed discussion with the professional. You elaborate your expectations from the treatment while the dentist tells you about how much improvement could actually be made. Based on both the diagnosis and discussion your dentist will take the call whether 6 Month Smile programme is suitable for you.

If it is not then the dentist will recommend you a different procedure. These days varieties of teeth straightening treatment are available. Therefore it is better to specifically mention 6 Month Smile to your dentist during the customary visit.

In the next step the Six Month Smile braces are fitted to your teeth. The braces, as already mentioned above, are tooth coloured and thus remain virtually invisible in your mouth. If needed, your dentist will slightly file the teeth to relieve crowding and to make space for the braces. In acute cases tooth extraction is also done to create the necessary space.

When a dentist does not recommend you for the treatment

Just like any other orthodontic treatment the 6 Month Smile too is not a universal solution to every teeth misalignment problem. This is mostly because the procedure only deals with making tiny adjustments to the front that are visible when you smile.

If you have an orthodontic issue that requires more in-depth effort or a long-term treatment then it is certainly not for you. Your misalignment problem may even require a different kind of braces. Thus you may be judged unsuitable for the procedure.

Alternate options to 6 Month Smile treatment

There are a lot of suitable alternative options available these days. You can find about those online. Two such examples are Inman Aligner and the Damon System. Both these options give fast and impressive result. While dealing in orthodontics for adults one has to remember no two cases are ever the same. Therefore only a dentist is the most appropriate person to decide your treatment procedure.

Has the 6 Month Smile evolved lately?

It has developed some twenty years ago in the US. But as far as the UK is concerned, it has newly arrived. It addresses the flip side of conventional braces in terms of timescale, cost and ugliness. That is why the treatment is so popular among adults.

There is really no need to walk around with a mouth full of metal

Tooth coloured braces that are used in 6 Month Smile treatment virtually remain invisible inside the mouth. In other words these braces are much less visible compared to the traditional ones. Moreover the procedure exerts nominal force on the teeth through the braces.

The braces thus need to be adjusted and tightened pretty seldom than their conventional counterparts. Thus 6 Months Smile Braces are not only more comfortable to wear but also require fewer trips to your dentist during the treatment.

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Is the procedure painful?

Getting a brace fitted to the teeth obviously gives a strange feeling at the beginning. The teeth are also likely to remain tender and uncomfortable after the braces are fitted. But these initial issues get automatically resolved within a couple of weeks.

On the other hand Six Month Smile programme exerts very little force to move the teeth, thus you experience less disruption and pain in this treatment compared to others. A renowned dentist providing 6 month smile braces in London assures most patients get used to their braces fast and quick.

How much does the treatment cost?

Compared to conventional metal braces the cost of 6 Month Smile programme is pretty reasonable. Moreover many dental practices even offer easy payment plans.