Pod, a 3D technology that will help end one’s life


Pod, a 3D technology that will help end one’s life

Pod, a 3D technology that will help end one's life, will be used in Switzerland next year. The company, which is developing a pod that helps people to

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Pod, a 3D technology that will help end one’s life, will be used in Switzerland next year. The company, which is developing a pod that helps people to end their lives with the latest 3D technology, has said that it is hopeful that the use of this pod will start in Switzerland from next year. A company called Sarko hired a Swiss lawyer who sought legal advice that the use of the machine did not violate any law in the country. But many other legal experts disagree with this interpretation of the law. Dignitas, an organization that helps end one’s life, says the pod will not be very popular. A person willing to commit suicide or commit suicide with the help of someone is provided with the means to take his own life and this is allowed under Swiss law. In the year 2020, 1300 people have lost their lives in this way.

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Legal debate

The custom in Switzerland is to give a person who wants to die a solution that kills him, but the ‘pod’, which can be taken anywhere, is filled with nitrogen gas. Is given and the amount of oxygen is rapidly reduced. In this way the person first faints and dies in about ten minutes. This pod can be operated from the inside while it also has an emergency button which can be pressed to get out of it. Daniel Horliman, a law professor at the University of St. Gallen, was asked by the SARCO company for a legal opinion that the use of pods was not against Swiss law. He told the BBC that to his knowledge the pod did not fall into the category of a medical device, so it does not count in the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act.

Kirsten Noel Wenger, a doctor, jurist and professor at the University of Zurich, says there are rules about medical devices because they should be safer than other products but what does not mean they are good for health. Not that it does not cover additional safety regulations. Dignitas told the BBC that for 35 years two Swiss exit groups and for 23 years Dignitas have been practicing in Switzerland, with the help and presence of trained staff and medical experts.

Are doing According to Dignitas, “in the light of the prevailing method of assisting professionals, it is difficult to imagine that the technology capsule would be the most popular way to end one’s life. If this machine is allowed to be used, it will not be offered for sale in the traditional way. The creator of the capsule, Dr. Philip Nietzsche, said that if the use of the machine was allowed, he intended to make its design available for download to anyone so that the machine would be available to everyone for free.

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He said in an interview that his aim was to make the process of death non-medical and to give the deceased the power to decide for himself which method to take. Dr. Philip Nietzsche has long fought for the right to take his own life, and for this reason he has become known as “Mr. Death.” There are currently two samples of the Sarkopod, and a third is being worked on in the Netherlands. Dr. Breakfast has been criticized in the past, and some people believe that this modern design capsule is an attempt to make death attractive.

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