5 Problems with an RO System and Solutions


5 Problems with an RO System and Solutions

The RO method is a good way to gain a level of water purity that presents it more suitable for drinking and cooking than tap water. Reverse-osmosis fi

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The RO method is a good way to gain a level of water purity that presents it more suitable for drinking and cooking than tap water. Reverse-osmosis filters eliminate undesired pollutants from tap water and flush contaminants off. The method is best done with a reverse osmosis approach. RO utilizes the law of osmosis and reverses the method.

Sometimes, they can be persistent, and substituting a whole system can be counterproductive. You can find experts who will come to your home and give the required help to extend the durability of your water purifier. Some of the procedures can be done by yourself, but you also risk reducing it while reassembling the unit. You can get water purifier service in Jaipur.

A RO system includes a cold-water valve that uses water from an external source and fulfills water for the system. The cold water then goes into a pre-filter which removes sediments and contaminants. The RO membrane is the essential component of the system – it lets the filtration method happen.

The water gets collected into the post-filter after leaving the storage tank. The smell is eliminated after going through this filter. The shut-off valve keeps water when the storage tank is full. The tank can hold around  3 gallons of water at once. After going through the whole filtration process, the water comes out of the tap. Go for Kent RO service Jaipur for more help.

Nevertheless, the RO system wears down after years of use, and some defects occur. So an RO system needs to be periodically maintained and cleaned along with the storage tank as the water would taste offensive even after you take the preventive sustaining with your RO system.

You should get regular RO service Jaipur. Some common issues exist in all RO systems, and you might have already encountered them. Or there may be errors that you may now have started to see. But there are solutions also to solve these problems, and they are mentioned below.

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5 RO Problems and Solutions.

  1. A noisy faucet or drain

It is the most common issue of an RO system. Usually, this is caused when establishing a new RO system or replacing the filter cartridges, and the air goes out. But you don’t have to worry because the noise will slowly diminish in a week. You can also take help from RO experts to help you. Regular water purifier service helps in maintaining the life of your RO purifier.

  1. Leakage in the faucet

If the device’s components are not fitted properly, there will be some leakage. Furthermore, you should try to determine where the leakage is starting from. Sometimes, it comes from behind the tap stem. So you can tighten all the connections again and push the tubing into the valves, drain saddle, and ports because it will improve the connection.

  1. Offensive odor or bad taste of water

Dirty water is the cause of bad smells. Moreover, depleted filters and worn-out membranes can be significant reasons why the water in your house feels bad. You have to substitute the depleted components, and the water will start tasting better again. The storage water is required to get replaced regularly so that air and bubbles are decreased.

  1. A system that runs without stopping

It happens if the shut-off valve is not closed correctly or the check valve is cracked. The improper establishment of a membrane also makes the system last to work. To stop the constant stream of water, you have to check the pressure in the storage tank. Ideally, it should be 35-40 psi.

  1. Water flows slower than usual

This problem is similar to pressure and because the volume of water is less. You have to if the water pressure in the RO tank is maximum. If it’s not, carefully raise the value to 6 – 8 psi using a pressure gauge. Sometimes, the bladder inside the tank cannot hold the pressure, and then the whole tank must be replaced.

So, by now, you have learned how to fix your RO system, and we hope that you can troubleshoot whenever the time comes. Fixing an RO system can be a slow method as opening the whole device for difficulties and then reassembling it would take so much time. You can try the services of professionals on our platform and be free from any worry in the comfort of your own home.

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How to Maintain Your Water Purifier

Changing RO filters regularly

A RO water purifier usually has 3-5 filtration steps. The filters have to be substituted regularly as they become saturated with contaminants and stop working. The pre-filtering stage features a filter cartridge that removes sand and various sediments.

The pre-filtering procedure stops the RO membrane from getting broken. You need to change the filter cartridge every 6-9 months. The second phase of the filtration process is a carbon filter that removes chlorine and bad odor. Chlorine probably degrades the RO membrane and needs to change regularly after 6-9 months.

The third phase is the reverse osmosis stage, where the residual sediments are excluded from the membrane and drained. You can substitute the membrane after 2-3 years. The nature of the RO membrane also depends on the condition of your regional water supply.

Maintaining the outsides of the water purifier clean

To make your system last longer, you need to clean it for around 12 to 15 years. Utilizing some foamy water from the edge of the water purifier also does the work. Additionally, you must clean the valve that is connected to the water purifier. You do not need to bother having the perfect-sized strains while releasing the tank from the water supply. We also provide organic sanitizing materials that clean the insides of your tank.

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