Should you buy an air purifier in the post-smog era?


Should you buy an air purifier in the post-smog era?

According to the statistics of Beijing's ecological environment, in 2020, the air quality in Beijing will reach 276 days, and the number of days with

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According to the statistics of Beijing’s ecological environment, in 2020, the air quality in Beijing will reach 276 days, and the number of days with good PM2.5 will reach 330. On average, 6.3 days out of 7 days per week will be good days with PM2.5. Before 2015, the proportion of haze days was almost as high as half of the whole year. It is said that the hope of selling umbrellas will rain, and the hope of selling fans will be fine. The same is true for the air purifier industry.

With the improvement of the effectiveness of smog control, the attention of air purifiers is also decreasing year by year. The air purifier was not invented by the Chinese, nor was it born because of smog. But for Chinese users, their knowledge of air purifiers basically stops at removing smog. It is this kind of consumer cognition that allowed this industry to make quick money in the years when the smog was severe.

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The weather in Beijing on October 11, under the governance of the country, Beijing Blue, which has been a long absence, has become the norm. Fighting the smog is basically the past tense.

But as the smog disappears, air purifiers have become a non-essential item in the eyes of most people. After the smog era, air purifiers are really not worth buying? In fact, the role of air purifiers is to purify the air, as the name suggests, and haze is only one of the necessary purification functions of air purifiers.

In fact, there are many types of air purifiers according to their functional types, so I think even today when the smog is reduced, air purifiers still have a very broad application prospect. Then in the post-smog era, when purifying the smog is no longer just what users need, what else can air purification do? Today we will take a look together.

New house decoration: purification of formaldehyde\TVOC\PM2.5

For users, do you really no longer need the PM2.5 purification function of the air purifier? Actually, although we are no longer troubled by frequent haze weather, PM2.5 and other inhalable particulate matter still accompany us, but compared to haze weather, its concentration is much lower. If you have such things as For sensitive people such as the elderly and children, or if you want to reduce the floating soil remaining on the surface of the furniture in your home, I personally suggest that the best way is to turn on an air purifier.

Frequent sandstorms in Beijing in March of this year made the air in the home floating with a smell of soil

Moreover, in actual living conditions, we are still affected by extreme weather such as haze, sand and dust for a small part of the year. In this case, the role of air purifiers is still very much needed. Of course, the purification of PM2.5 has become an improved function for most families, so for newly decorated families, the functions of air purifiers to remove formaldehyde and TVOC are very much needed.   You can submit your guest post article at Write for us

A well-known latex paint brand of anti-formaldehyde environmental protection paint used the instrument to test the formaldehyde of the original paint in the barrel. So don’t be superstitious about 0 formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is an indispensable and important chemical raw material in decoration auxiliary materials. Although it is environmentally friendly decoration now, through the superposition of various decoration materials, it is easy to exceed the standard of formaldehyde in the newly decorated room, and the release cycle of formaldehyde is long. For 15 years, it can be said that formaldehyde has always been with us.

The best way to remove formaldehyde is to open windows for ventilation. Generally, newly-decorated houses will be aired a year in advance before moving in, but one year of air-drying can not completely solve the release of formaldehyde, and the houses after moving in cannot be kept open and ventilated all year round. Status, so the role of the air purifier is revealed at this time.

The house that has been renovated for four or five years will still show that the formaldehyde exceeds the standard because of the and furniture.

If you are anxious to move in, and there is no way to open the window for long-term ventilation, and you are very worried about the damage to the body caused by excessive formaldehyde, then you can choose a product that effectively removes formaldehyde and open it in the sleeping room, which can maximize Reduce the harm of formaldehyde to the human body.

Almost most households will encounter the above-mentioned scenarios, so how to choose an air purifier for such users? I think the removal of PM2.5 and formaldehyde can be said to be the standard function of current air purifiers. Almost every air purifier can do it, so the goal we have to choose is good purification effect (high CADR) and cost of use Low (high CCM), cost-effective products  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS ,  Amazon Discount Code UK ,  Amazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code

After a comprehensive comparison, I think the 352 air purifier, known as the “king of stockpiles”, is a good choice. The price of about 4,000 yuan basically covers the various scenarios of household air problems. Including removal of formaldehyde, removal of PM2.5, removal of odor, removal of viruses, and so on. We also measured a 352 current air purifier of the latest X86C model.

This air purifier has the same appearance design as its X8 series products. With solid materials, the net weight of the whole machine reaches 17KG. As the core filter of the air purifier, this X86C adopts a classic tower structure, consisting of a primary filter, a high-efficiency composite filter, a high-efficiency matrix filter, and a powerful deodorizing filter .

Among them, the high-efficiency composite filter is composed of F6 high-efficiency filter paper and aluminum mesh loaded with columnar activated carbon, which can effectively filter pollen, dust mites, allergens, PM2.5, etc. The high-efficiency matrix filter is composed of Matrix carbon bricks and honeycomb coconut shell activated carbon, which is mainly used to purify formaldehyde, toluene, second-hand smoke, bacteria and viruses, etc.

The service life of the filter can reach 2-3 years. The strong deodorizing aluminum mesh is composed of a strong deodorizing module and H13 imported HEPA filter paper, which is mainly used to remove peculiar smell, filter PM2.5, and kill harmful bacteria. . Show now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS at AO Voucher Code NHS

According to the official label, the performance of this machine is that the CADR of particulate matter>650m3/H, the CADR>400m3/H of formaldehyde, the CADR of TVOC>390m3/H , plus the functions of deodorization, sterilization and disinfection, can be said to be a very strong comprehensive performance. Bucket machine.

Subsequently, we also conducted a test on the purification effect of this machine. The test environment was 25 square meters (85m3). According to the actual test results, when the maximum gear is turned on, this machine can be used for indoor cleaning in about 8 minutes. The air is purified to a good state, and from the perspective of the degree of the whole machine and the degree of the tester, the degree accuracy of the body sensor is also relatively high.

Of course, many old users of air purifiers will also have doubts. With such a strong performance, the noise should be relatively loud! This product uses a quiet and stable EBM fan imported from Germany. After actual measurement, within 1 meter, its maximum and minimum noise value range is also controlled between 37-58 decibels, which is relatively quiet.

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Eliminate peculiar smell: purify old people, pets, toilet anti-odor and smoke

In addition to basic PM2.5\formaldehyde and other harmful pollutants, there is another place that people criticize in indoor air is peculiar smell. If the hazards of the former are slow and insensible, then the odor brings more psychological discomfort to users. Including the smell of pet feces, the body odor of the elderly, the off-flavor of the bathroom, etc., especially in the winter when the ventilation is not good, it is really a headache to open the door and feel sour.

The best way to remove odors is to open windows for ventilation, but the seasons with high odor concentration happen to be winters with poor ventilation. Therefore, if you want to remove odors without opening the windows, the better way is to turn on the air purifier.

At present, there are also some air purifiers on the market that mainly deodorize, and the methods of deodorization are also varied, including activated carbon adsorption, ion ionization decomposition, catalyst decomposition, and so on. According to my experience, I think that professional things still need to be done by professional technology.

If it is professional odor removal, I personally recommend the RHT brand IA1019S for the overall effect and cost-effectiveness. Different from general air purifiers, RHT uses the exclusive NCCO oxygen polymerization air purification technology. Compared with traditional activated carbon, NCCO is not a simple physical adsorption, but a chemical reaction of catalytic oxidation, not only does not produce saturation, There will be no secondary pollution after adsorption saturation.

RHT IA1019 unique filter oxygen polymerization reaction layer

The filter adopts NCCO oxygen polylysis air treatment technology. Simply put, organic gases (such as formaldehyde, toluene, etc.) are catalyzed and oxidized and decomposed into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules, which are physically adsorbed on activated carbon. In comparison, NCCO is a catalytic reaction of physics and chemistry in parallel, and thanks to the effect of the last step of “oxidation”, the adsorption effect of NCCO can be as long as 12 years, which is a continuous and recyclable treatment technology.

It has an excellent effect on removing formaldehyde and peculiar smell in the family. We have also tested this technology in a real environment. In a confined space, if the air purifier is turned on for a day, the familiar pet odor can be effectively alleviated after entering the room again.

Care for the health of special populations: prevention of allergies, sterilization and disinfection

In addition, air purifiers are still needed by some special people at home, such as people who are prone to allergies, respiratory diseases, mothers and babies, and so on. Compared with ordinary users, these people have worse resistance and adaptability to the environment. They are also weaker, and better air quality can also reduce their risk of illness.

Sneezing at home may not be your fault

At this time, some individually designed air purifiers with anti-allergic functions and sterilization functions are particularly important, such as the Panasonic F-93C0PJD and Philips AC3858/00 that we have tested before . Although these air purifiers are in traditional haze removal , Formaldehyde is not a performance monster product in function, but it is remarkable in terms of comprehensive air treatment.

For example, this Panasonic product is equipped with Panasonic’s exclusive nanoe X technology, which denatures the corresponding molecular proteins through OH free radicals to achieve the purpose of inhibiting molds, allergens, and hand, foot and mouth disease. It can also be equipped with a professional anti-allergic filter. , Can effectively remove dust mites and other allergens.

It is reported that the air purifier equipped with nanoe™ X technology can bring 10 times the deodorizing ability, can effectively inhibit 21 kinds of allergens, and can even eliminate harmful bacteria such as coronavirus and decompose some PM2.5. And another Philips product, using exclusive micro-shield technology, can quickly and comprehensively improve the air quality of the residence. It is reported that the micro-shield technology Vita Shield can remove particles as small as 0.003 microns, capture 99 indoor air pollutants, and can effectively remove pollen and other allergens, formaldehyde, PM 2.5, etc.

Air purifier ≠ haze processor, high-quality breathing, it is still just needed

From improvement to just in need and then to improvement, the air purifier industry has experienced a roller coaster-like market. Although the demand for haze has dropped sharply, the air purifier industry still has the value and significance of sustainable development in the future under the general trend of consumption upgrades and healthy China. Five years ago, the industry educated users to let users know that they should choose air purifiers for removing smog.

Today, when the smog disappears, the industry should help users to establish a correct understanding of air purifiers. Air purifiers are not a single smog processor. , And the harmful substances in indoor air are not just PM2.5. If you want to breathe healthily, contemporary high-quality air purifiers are still the best choice for families.

So, should you buy an air purifier? I think it is quite necessary. Many times when we get sick due to respiratory problems, we don’t deliberately attribute the problem to indoor air, but in fact, according to the survey results of the China Indoor Environment Monitoring Center: It is 4.3 million person-times; the death toll caused by indoor pollution reaches 111,000 every year. Therefore, if we can actively cultivate the awareness of using air purifiers and effectively reduce the content of indoor air pollutants, I believe it must have a more positive effect on the health of the family.

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