Why Hiring A Procurement Headhunter Is A Game Changer

Procurement Headhunter Is A Game Changer

An entire industry of recruitment experienced recruiters has been built around hiring managers and companies who need to hire. Those recruiters work so well over the years that they made search firms a necessary evil in some cases to be able to satisfy internal hiring needs. Headhunting is almost an everyday word nowadays, but I bet you know very little about it.

The term “headhunter” is used informally for persons who seek out, especially for promotional or hiring purposes, to fill executive-level or equivalent positions in an organization or business with people of the highest caliber.

A procurement headhunter is a specialist within the manpower market – their expertise are professionals with particular experience and qualifications. Headhunters are usually hired by either executive search firms, companies themselves or headhunters agencies to find the best candidate for a particular position.

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Why Hiring A Procurement Headhunter Is A Game Changer

The part where it gets interesting is when you pay a headhunter fee because their work will save you so much time and money that it’s usually the best investment decision you’ll make.

The good news is that all headhunters are not alike. Some are better than others, and some work better in certain areas of expertise. Remember this adage: “You get what you pay for.” Don’t hire a headhunter with fees lower than about 15 percent – it’s just too risky. Better yet, seek out a headhunter who offers an upfront fee of 25 percent. This type of arrangement puts the risk on the recruiter and usually provides a better experience for all involved.

The benefits of working with a highly-skilled headhunter are many. A good headhunter will quickly reduce your recruiting time and cost while you search for the best candidate to fill the position. Not only that, they have their ear to the ground about market changes in terms of skills, compensation packages, visibility – all areas that companies need to be aware of when looking at bringing someone on board.

An added benefit is that they can provide valuable advice during the interview process. They understand what questions to ask, and most likely have seen hundreds of interviews before – so they know how to spot a winner or a dud candidate better than anyone else.

To hire with confidence, you need to know your job description, qualifications required and then seek out a headhunter with the right connections, experience and expertise.

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How to work with headhunters?

It can take up to 20 years for a recruiter to build their network, so unless you are looking for a senior management level it’s best that you just hand them your job description and let them do their thing. If they think they have the right candidate then they will contact the person and set up a meeting.

The same way you hire a headhunter is the same way they work with you to fill a position, so make sure that both sides are clear about what each other expects from the other party.

A Procurement Headhunter will also do due diligence, which includes understanding your culture and business, but they will also do market research to make sure there are no surprises. After all, their reputation is on the line too.