What Tools Are Used in a Roof Replacement?

Tools Are Used in a Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a big job that requires the right tools. A roof replacement job typically involves removing the old roof and installing a new roof on the underlying structure. The final step is to make all needed repairs to address any damage caused by the removal.

Roofing Hammers

Roofing hammers are used to tear off the old roof. The head is made of high-quality steel and is either curved or straight in appearance. Shorter pegs allow for more work area on each swing. Longer pegs provide excellent leverage when using the tool overhead or at an angle.

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Roof Chisel

A roof chisel is used to cut into the old roofing material. After the pegs from the roofing hammer have been driven into the old roof, a flat end of a chisel can be inserted in between them and pushed down until it is underneath part of the old shingle. A hammer with a rubber head or mallet can then pry the old shingle up. The sharp end of the chisel can then be inserted underneath it to remove it completely.

Flat Bar

A flat bar is used when making basic repairs on a roof. The tool has a hooked end that allows for better grip than an extended handle, increasing leverage and decreasing the risk of injury. Also, in the case of removing wood shingles, a flat bar can be inserted between the shingle and the roof deck to avoid damage to the surrounding surface.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is used for cutting hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete. The blade must match the width of the cut that needs to be made. Blades vary in size from four inches to twelve inches. The blade should be affixed to the saw before cutting begins.

Power Drill

This is one of the essential tools required when performing any roof replacement job. A power drill is used for driving screws. It can also be used with a wrench when tightening bolts to attach new shingles instead of old ones.

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The Ladder

Roof replacement has many tools that help the process become less strenuous. Ladders are used specifically to the task at hand, especially on very high roofs. Ladders give roof replacement Summerville contractors a stable footing. A ladder can help reduce slipping or falling off the roof.

Roof replacement is a task that requires heavy lifting and being on your feet for hours at a time. This can lead to the risk of straining muscles or even cause injuries if not done properly. Using the right tools reduces this hassle in roofing replacement.