Setup guide of 123 hp printer


Setup guide of 123 hp printer

To install an HP printer on any device (computer, phone, etc. ), you must first install the appropriate HP printer driver. Picking the suitable printe

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To install an HP printer on any device (computer, phone, etc. ), you must first install the appropriate HP printer driver. Picking the suitable printer model before downloading the drivers is a simple way to accomplish this. You may set up your printer in a variety of methods, including visiting the website or contacting our customer care team for assistance with HP printer setup.

Although HP all-in-one printers are simple to set up, some consumers have difficulty setting them. You may visit setup for HP all-in-one printer configuration instructions or call our support staff and ask our specialists to configure the HP printer for you.

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Here are a Few Key Points to Look into before You Start Your HP Setup

  • At the time of setup, make sure the HP printer is switched ON and linked to the same Wi-Fi system. You may succeed in this by turning on the printer’s Wi-Fi button, which will make it discoverable on the network.
  • Before you start the setup, check your firewall settings to make sure it isn’t obstructing the printer driver.

Methods to Setup 123 HP Printer to Wireless Setup

To set up your HP all-in-one printer, go to then, and follow the instructions there.

  • To begin, turn on your wireless printer and utilize the touch screen display to wirelessly configure your HP printer.
  • Now tap the setup button on the touch screen and choose the ‘network’ option from the menu.
  • Then, from the ‘network’ option, choose the wireless network setup wizard. HP Printer will automatically search for wireless routers. Choose your network from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the network’s WEP/WPA passphrase and then click “Done.” To confirm the adjustments, select ‘OK.’ To print the wireless test report, press ‘OK’ once again.
  • HP printer is now linked to your wireless network.
  • Finally, install the printer driver from and complete the step.

Installation and Setup

1.    Unbox the 123 HP Printer

The first step is only for first-time users, once you receive the package, open it gently by removing the packing materials including the tapes and unnecessary material, make sure no damage has been made while unboxing.

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2.     Load Printer Paper

  • 123 hp com setup printer remove the input and output trays.
  • Unlock the tapes on paper width and longitudinal marks by opening the input tray.
  • Spread the sheet of paper to its full length. Load up the input tray with the fresh plain white paper bundle.
  • Drag the marks over the sheets to get them snug, but not too close together. Close the paper tray when you’re finished.

3.    Arrange the Printer Tin Cartridges

  • Align ink cartridges to avoid printing incorrect papers.
  • The scanner has been aligned. Place the protective plate on the scanner’s glass.
  • Clean the glass and keep the front-facing alignment plate in good shape.
  • Make sure the document is aligned on the scanner glass’s faces according to the alignment indications.
  • Select OK and wait for the printer to position itself.

4.    Install HP Printer Ink Cartridge

  • Dual ink cartridges are used in the printers.
  • The user handbook, power cord, USB cable, CD driver, and ink cartridges are all covered in the packaging.
  • Remove the protective tape from behind the ink cartridge that protects the contact points and print-head. Set the tin cartridges in their slots and secure the cartridge lock in the closed position.

5.    Connect the Printer Power Cord of 123 HP Setup

  • On the tiny end of the power cable, link to the rear of the HP printer and the other end to the wall socket.
  • Ensure you don’t use a voltage stabilizer or extension cord when connecting the electrical wire to the plug adapter.
  • The gadget is turned on automatically. From your printer’s control panel, enter the required information, such as language or interface, location, date, and time, etc.

6.    Driver Software 123 HP Printer Installation

  • The driver is very important in your 123-hp printer. The fundamental function of the driver is to interface within the computer and the printer.
  • The driver is available for download via the website’s URL. By clicking the link, a new window will appear. Pick your network operating system and the printer model.
  • Install the printer software by following the on-screen directions once it has been downloaded. Select communication net mode throughout the installation process.

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Winding Up!

The article was about setting up your 123 HP Printer,We hope that the detailed description about the setup resolves the issue and the setup becomes simple,Go through the complete post for install setup, setup help, downloading driver, and solving the queries for all models of HP printers across all platforms. It will not only make it easy for you but clear the basics.