The performance of Hosted PBX or Free PBX


The performance of Hosted PBX or Free PBX

Improve the performance of hosted PBX with add on features. Are you interested in whether or not add-on features increase the performance of Hosted PB

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Improve the performance of hosted PBX with add on features. Are you interested in whether or not add-on features increase the performance of Hosted PBX? Although not required, add-ons significantly improve the overall performance of hosted PBX in the telecommunications world.

Aavaz FreePBX, for example, is a renowned call center solution provider that, like many others, provides users with add-on services. The add-on features allow customers to choose whether or not they want to use the additional capabilities. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most significant add-on features and functionalities of a hosted PBX to help you decide whether or not to go for them.

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Auto Dialer

An auto dialer software is an outgoing dialer that assists organizations in automatically dialing out a large number of leads, saving your agents valuable time. You can connect the consumer to a live agent once the call has been cleared up at the customer end. This leads to higher output and efficiency.

Businesses use auto dialer software to route calls to different agents based on particular parameters. Businesses in real estate, insurance, education, financial services, political marketing, debt and bill collection, weather forecasting, e-commerce, and many other industries utilize an autodialer system to contact a large number of clients to transmit a message.

Key Function Benefits:

  • Eliminates Manual Dialing

By automating your calling procedure, you can save time for your agents. You can call an unlimited number of customers with just a few clicks.

  • Time-Efficient

Filter calls with answering machine detection to connect the agent when a human answers the phone. As a result, the machine is bypassed, allowing agents to focus on high-quality leads.

  • Intelligent Lead Management

When the lead list hits a certain threshold, automatically notify the supervisor and plan outbound calling efforts appropriately.

  • Increase your revenue

Increase your call connections and conversion rate with clever auto dialer software to raise your bottom line and make more income.

  • Increased Productivity

A smaller workforce dramatically increases agent efficiency and production. Increase the connect rate of your outgoing calls by automating them.

  • Multiple Campaigns to Manage

Autodialer enables you to conduct and manage many campaigns at the same time.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer for call center

A predictive dialer will assist you in running a better call center by ensuring that your callers make the most of their phone time. A cloud-based predictive dialer is a software that swiftly dials a list of numbers to increase the number of human connections made during a conversation. The cloud predictive dialer filters out the busy tone, voicemail, unanswered calls, disconnected calls, and answering machine, which connects the agent only when a human answers the phone.

The cloud predictive dialer dials many numbers using various algorithms that use historical data to determine the availability of agents for the upcoming call. Businesses use a cloud predictive dialer to automate their dialing process, and it also allows agents to work more efficiently while the advanced dialer handles the dialing.

Key Function Benefits:

  • Intelligent Call Routing

Cloud predictive dialer software predicts the average time spent on each call. With its clever dialing algorithm, it then uses that prediction to automate the call assignment.

  • Decide the Best time to Call Prospects

The cloud predictive dialer ‘not call before’ feature intelligently finds the optimal moment to call an existing client or prospect based on previously acquired data from previous encounters.

  • Increased Call Connectivity Rates

With an automated predictive dialer and a sophisticated answering machine identification capability, agents can save time. This reduces the need for manual dialing, allowing agents to spend more time on the phone.

  • Drive Contextual Conversations

Integrating predictive dialer software with in-house or third-party CRM solutions allows agents to communicate with customers/prospects in context and provide a more personalized experience.

  • Increased Conversion Rate

With its clever best time to call, retry time configuration, and lead prioritizing capabilities, predictive dialer not only helps enhance agent efficiency but is also a must-have to increase sales conversion rate.

Agent Monitor

The agent monitor feature helps businesses to keep a check on their agents in real-time. You may help your callers improve their performance by using options like listen, whisper, and barge in. Nearly two-thirds of contact centers track agent-customer interactions, with another 32% aiming to archive voice call data in the next two to five years. This is why: Agent interactions with consumers offer supervisors a multitude of information, including:

  • How a salesperson interacts with clients (especially during difficult interactions)
  • Whether or not an agent utilizes upsell opportunities
  • Agents’ performance in comparison to their counterparts
  • You obtain deeper insights into your contact center operations by monitoring agents’ interactions with customers, which can benefit agents, supervisors, customers, and your contact center as a whole.

Key Function Benefits:

  • Enhancement of Performance

How can you determine if your agents are providing a positive customer experience? Unless you keep track of their interactions with customers, you don’t. Supervisors can listen in on calls and review on-screen and video exchanges via agent monitoring. Supervisors can have a better understanding of how agents deal with clients by monitoring them. Supervisors can use this information to develop individualized coaching tactics to help agents perform at their best on the job.

  • Gain a Better Understanding

Supervisors can have a better understanding of contact center operations by observing agents. Supervisors can learn how long it takes to answer client requests, how agents manage challenging situations, and what the customer experience is like when they monitor all agent communications with consumers. Supervisors can use this data to create a plan to make the contact center more efficient and provide a better customer experience.

  • Optimizing the Workforce

Employee performance and engagement are improved through workforce optimization. Agent monitoring allows for labor optimization.

Managers can identify which agents require personalized coaching to increase performance by understanding what happens during client encounters. Managers also understand which agents are performing very well so that they can be suitably rewarded.

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Smart IVR

A programmable interface is the Smart IVR node. When used, it can query remote APIs and playback responses based on the API result. Allowing your IVR to check a customer’s account balance is a classic example.

Key Function Benefits:

  • Boost Productivity

Automating your calls using an IVR system not only streamlines your procedures but also frees up your employees to focus on other vital tasks.

  • Improved Customer Service

IVR system has a smart function that allows clients to be better matched with domain specialists. As a result, businesses can provide each of our clients with a unique user experience.

  • Obtain Feedback

IVR systems are fantastic for collecting feedback. It’s quick and interactive and enhances the client experience while relieving normal employees of tedious chores.

  • Customizability

IVR systems can be personalized for each customer, making them feel more important. For future calls, the welcome greeting can be altered to a shorter message. Business VoIP Phone and cloud phone systems, which use hosted PBX systems and add-on features, have enabled business executives to get improved capabilities while dramatically lowering operational expenses compared to legacy phone systems.

Make the most of the add-on options for your hosted PBX system with Aavaz FreePBX.Contact Aavaz FreePBX your one-stop shop for all your telephony needs.

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