Learn More About the Online Secure Payment Gateway


Learn More About the Online Secure Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is built to handle payments and information related transactions and is a quintessential element of an E-commerce process. It provid

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A payment gateway is built to handle payments and information related transactions and is a quintessential element of an E-commerce process. It provides a smooth and secure method of accepting credit/debit card payments from customers, thus creating a conclusive end to end business process that is covered from the stage of selling to the actual handling of transacted payments.

The payment gateway is a convenient and safe way of obtaining payments from your customers. In order to get started you need to enter some details about your business, like name of company, bank account number, business address and VAT / Sales Tax Registration Number.

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Our payment gateway solution has been designed to effectively integrate with your existing website. It is easy to configure, offers the highest level of security, and offers multiple ways to pay, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cash via delivery or cash deposit. The information required for making payments has never before been so simple.

Just select your favorite way to pay and let us do the rest. Payment gateway enables your business to accept online payment modes that are convenient for the clients. When you integrate the payment gateway with your banking facility, you can set credit limits for transaction approval, thereby ensuring safety of not only your business but also the customers.

The Online Payment Gateway is easy to integrate, so it can be used by most e-commerce web portals or shopping cart systems with no additional development needed. The gateway takes care of all the settlement processes, so merchants only need to worry about sending the confirmation message and receive settlement amount in their bank accounts on time.

Online payment gateway is a payment processor that facilitates easy transactions between the sellers and buyers in online or e-commerce world. It acts as the bridge to connect all business parties in the transaction. This makes it compatible in accepting any form of currencies for its transactions.

A payment gateway is a merchant account provider for online transactions. Through a payment gateway, you can accept credit card and debit card payments on your website. The gateway conducts a series of checks to ensure that the card details are correct and then sends the actual payment to the merchant along with the customer’s purchae details.

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The top benefit that a payment gateway provides is transaction security. Essentially, the gateway enters the customer’s credit card details into a web form which sends it directly to the processing centre. This means that customers don’t need to enter their cards details more than once – ensuring a smooth and secure experience.

The Payment gateway service uses Infralution’s Infrachain blockchain payment distribution network to provide secured, reliable and almost fee-free payments. It does so by connecting the customer to the merchant via a private virtual authorization network where they can securely interact. Payment gateways are used for online payments. All payment gateway providers have to go through an authorization process, but it is entirely up to them to decide whether they want to be certified by the card brands or not.

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