6 Great Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Sofa


6 Great Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Sofa

Having a comfortable sofa is necessary for every house. This allows you to relax, socialize with family members and friends or work from the comfort o

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Having a comfortable sofa is necessary for every house. This allows you to relax, socialize with family members and friends or work from the comfort of living room. The furniture gives the immense comfort and joy for several years when you take care of it. The lifespan of your new sofa should be 7 to 15 years.

If you eat while watching TV on your sofa, then this may cause damage and dirt on it. It is important to do proper cleaning regularly so that your sofa remains in good condition for long.  This blogpost has some great tips to take proper care of your expensive sofa.

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  1. Perform vacuuming on a weekly basis – You may use vacuum cleaner attachments to remove all the dirt and dust from your sofa. The crevice tools and brush are the perfect choice for cleaning those hidden areas where there can be grime and dirt. You should not use the head of brush as this may wear away the sofa and can cause more dirt. Make sure you do vacuuming weekly so that you can eliminate all the dust and dirt from your sofa soon. If there are pets in your home, then you may want to do vacuuming often so that it may not build up.
  2. Choose plumping cushions – It is necessary to plump up the cushions and morph them properly in shape after you clean your sofa. Cushions may lose their original shape when you do not take proper care and they may become less comfy. This is applicable for the back cushions and seat cushions as it makes them appear neat for longer time.
  3. Take proper shade from sun – When you need to decide where to place new sofa, you should select the right place. It should be comfortable for the entire place to relax but the sun may cause fabrics to fade away permanently. You should try to keep it away from the direct rays of sun. If the sofa is made of faux leather or leather, then you should keep them away from radiators or heaters. This is because the heat can cause crack to the leather. Some sofas should be more protected from sun but your new sofa may ruin when placed in direct sunlight. So, it is always a wife decision to be on the safe side and place your sofa at the right place.
  4. Proper fabric protection – You may use protection covers so that you can give maximum life to your sofa. This can make the blankets and cushions last for a long time. Try to use arm covers for protecting the areas from any kind of spillages and sweat which might lead to stains. Select customised protection covers for your sofa so that they are easy to use. You will also find fabric protection that you may use to protect the material from color fade or transfer to your clothes and general stains.
  5. Removal of pet hair – Everyone loves to have their pets cuddling up on the sofa. Many people like to spend time on the sofa for watching their favorite shows. It is just a great feeling to have pets in your house but their hair may fall anywhere. You can protect sofa from being clogged up with fur, use throws in the form of protection and wash them daily to remove all the buildup. Some pet hairs may escape throw protection and a lint roller may help to pick up those unwanted hair. It is a good practice to clean pet hair from your sofa every week. The lint roller can select leftover hair and then clean them with hot water. This can help to get rid of pet hair problem which makes your sofa stay fresh and last longer.
  6. Get rid of stain removal – Regretfully, stains may occur at anytime while you enjoy a cup of coffee or your kids do some coloring. You may drop some wine on your sofa and this can lead to stains immediately. You may prevent permanent damage to your sofa by taking the right step without delay. Use kitchen paper to dab up all the stains before it may seep into your fabric. Clean the entire area gently with hot water and work hard to get rid of stains. If there are loose coverings, then you can wash them with stain remover. Make sure you go through the stain label carefully before risking further damage to your costly sofa.
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Thus, you need to follow the above-discussed tips regularly so that your sofa lasts longer. You have to take care of your sofa by doing thorough cleaning on a weekly basis. It is quite possible for your sofa to become dirty and so, cleaning is the only solution for it. If you need further assistance with sofa cleaning, then get in touch with professionals who provide sofa cleaning services in London to eliminate those pesky stains quickly.