Metavers’ New Concept of Virtual Life for Consumers

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Metavers’ New Concept of Virtual Life for Consumers

Metaverse is a term that can be used as part of a recent effort to bring the concept closer to reality in technology. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are

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Metaverse is a term that can be used as part of a recent effort to bring the concept closer to reality in technology. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are among the few people in the technology world working on Metaverse to see how virtual reality and other technologies can be used together in the future. Facebook’s chief executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that he was renaming his company “Meta Platforms.”

This company will be called Meta for short. Technology observers have called Facebook’s move a “major step forward” since using the term “meteors.” The term was used in the 1992 novel Snow Crash. The author of this science fiction novel was Neil Stephen Sun. Mark Zuckerberg and his team is among the few people in the technology world working on ‘Metaverse’ to discuss how virtual reality and other technologies will be used together in the future.

On the other hand, there is a section expressing concerns that using this new technology in social media platforms will give people more access to personal information. It is also feared that this will make it easier for people to give more false or misleading information, increasing people’s problems in real life with online problems.

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What are Metaverse

Thinking about it is like putting life on the Internet and allowing people to see everything in 3D. It is also called virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg called it a “virtual environment” that people would not only be able to see on screen but also enter.

This is a world that has no borders. Virtual reality is a virtual environment in which people can meet each other. We can work together, and there are opportunities for fun. Headsets, augmented reality glasses, various mobile phone applications, and other devices are used to navigate the virtual reality or virtual environment. Virtual reality includes social media and online shopping, says Victoria Petrock, who monitors technological innovation and change. However, there are many other aspects.
“It’s a new invention for people-to-people contacts,” he said. Where all things come together, this is a very parallel world. That is, you have a virtual or virtual life like a real one.

What can be done on Metaverse?

This allows you to enter any online concert, and online participation in this virtual event makes you feel that you are present in this concert. A virtual tour can be done. An exhibition of someone’s artwork can be viewed, or users can contribute to the creation of art through it.

It also has the opportunity to purchase digital clothing and view it according to your size. Metawors are also thought to be able to change how we work from home. Work from home started during the coronavirus wh, ich people were doing office work from home. People working in an office are seen in different boxes on a computer or mobile screen in a video call during a meeting at work from home.

But Metavers can change that completely, and these people will be face-to-face in an office in a virtual environment. They will be able to meet in an office environment and perform work in an office environment.

Facebook has already created software for office meetings. It’s called the Horizon Workroom. It uses the Oculus Virtual Reality Headset for meetings. The initial comments weren’t very good. The headset costs 300 300 or more for virtual reality. Due to the high cost, many people cannot use Metawors, and virtual reality is currently out of reach.

People who can buy headsets for virtual reality will benefit from various companies’ virtual reality initiatives. Technology companies will also have to consider how to connect online platforms. This will be more feasible when technology competitors agree that the same headset is usable for all.

According to observers, using a headset for virtual reality will not mean that some people will be on Facebook’s Metavers, and some will be using Microsoft’s Metavers.

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Is Facebook moving towards big steps

Mark Zuckerberg is committed to large-scale initiatives because he believes the future of the Internet depends on it and will cover a large part of the digital economy. Critics of Facebook say the company’s move could be an attempt to divert attention from recent controversies because Facebook has been criticized by its former employees for failing to stop the spread of misinformation.

Frances Hu, a former Facebook official, had accused Facebook of harming children, along with documents from an internal investigation. While this platform also promotes political violence. There have also been reports from various media outlets of how Facebook has been reluctant to protect its people to increase its profits while keeping the company’s research secret from investors and the general public. ۔

Is Metaverse just a Facebook project

Apart from Facebook, other big technology companies like Microsoft or Nvidia, which makes chips, are not discussing it. However, video game companies are working on this. Epic Games, the popular video game Fortnite maker, has persuaded investors to invest ایک 1 billion in the future to build Metaverse. Similarly, companies making various products for the citizens also work in this regard. Among them is the famous Italian brand Gucci, who signed a contract with Roblox in June. Under the agreement, some Gucci products will only be available online. Similarly, Coca-Cola issued digital tokens.

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Will consumer privacy be affected?

Observers say people want easy and free access to the Internet. However, people also want that when they are using the Internet they are not being monitored and are not being tracked. It should be noted that when people create a personal account on Facebook, there are photos, posts, and other information.

According to some reports, the model of Facebook has been made to use people’s personal information to bring advertisements or posts in front of them. In this context, recent measures are being examined in the same context. Mark Zuckerberg has also said that advertising on social media will be the most important part of the strategy, and Facebook is doing the same, Advertising will also play an important role in Metavers.

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