The 7 Best Version Control Apps to Help You Get More Done


The 7 Best Version Control Apps to Help You Get More Done

Version control software enables you to keep track of software changes as well as share and collaborate on projects with others. Here are a few of the

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Version control software enables you to keep track of software changes as well as share and collaborate on projects with others. Here are a few of the best. Almost everyone needs version control apps and software programmes since they help raise productivity and increase day-to-day effectiveness. This article will go through seven programmes that you probably didn’t realise have version control capabilities.

What Is Version Control and How Does It Work?

Version control is a technique for tracking real-time changes to files, directories, and documents. Every change made by an individual or a group is recorded, and this change is referred to as a version. A version control system (VCS) then stores and curates these changes, making them available to you at any time.

Consider the following scenario: you’re working on a document and you want to save ten characters in it. This document becomes the initial version, or version 1, when you save it. You might decide to add five more characters to the document a few hours later. Version 2 is created when this is saved. This update would be version 3 if another user with access to the document made another change and saved it.

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You will have access to the most recent and earlier versions at all times. This implies you can go back to previous versions of documents whenever you choose. Version control also enables effective team collaboration and change traceability.

You’ll Need These 7 Version Control Apps

You might think of Git when you hear the word version control and assume it’s solely for software development. This isn’t entirely correct. While Git is an excellent version control system, it is not the only option. Here are seven version control systems that help you get more work done. ​​​​​​


Global Information Tracker, or Git, is a free, open-source version control system for managing source codes and projects of all kinds. Git is a popular development tool that allows you to branch, merge, and commit code changes.

It allows huge groups to work on projects at the same time. The project’s version history and code are saved on the computers of all developers who work on it since it uses a distributed version control system (DVCS). Most importantly, Git is safe, adaptable, and simple to use.

Google Docs is a programme that allows you to create documents

Google Docs is a web-based text editor that lets you create and edit word documents from any device using your web browser. The Google Editors Suite apps include Google Docs as one of the office tools. It has excellent styling techniques and sophisticated editing options, as well as the ability to save your work online.

Google Docs is one of the best text-processing apps accessible, with hundreds of typefaces and distinctive themes. Google Docs allows several people to edit and collaborate on a single document. It also saves the modifications made to each file and keeps track of their versions. Click File in the toolbar, then Version History in the drop-down menu to save a version in Google Docs.

You’ll be sent to a new window where you may name and save your version. Enter the command Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H to see your version history. This will open a new window with a list of all accessible document versions.

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Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet programme

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet tool that allows for collaboration, excellent data visualization, and insights. It is part of the Google Editors Suite. It features built-in functions, formulas, and tables and is cloud-based. It is a free, simple-to-learn, and rapidly-growing alternative to Microsoft Excel.

You may use Google Sheets to analyse data, create lists, tables, and insights. You may also work on spreadsheet files such as XLS, CSV, and other formats in Google Sheets. Google Sheets has version control and allows many individuals to work on the same sheet. With Google Docs, the methods for making and viewing versions are the same.

Google Slides is a presentation software

Google Slides is a free online presentation application that comes with a plethora of free layouts, animations, and fonts to help you build perfect presentations. You may collaborate with others to create visually appealing presentations and slides using Google Slides.

Google Slides boosts efficiency, quality of work, and cooperation between coworkers when used with fantastic add-ons like Slidesgo. Version control is available in Google Slides, and because it is part of the Google Editors Suite, the methods for viewing and accessing version history are similar to those in Google Docs.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaboration tool

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based application that facilitates teamwork, project management, and version control. Microsoft SharePoint has a branch that allows businesses to host websites on its platform. SharePoint, which is integrated with Microsoft Office, enables for the easy production and sharing of files, documents, and data. The following steps will show you how to enable version control in Microsoft SharePoint.


Canva is a visual design programme that lets you make beautiful infographics, posters, flyers, presentations, and videos. It’s free, simple to use, and includes a variety of templates and fonts. Canva is a tool that allows you to create graphics and collaborate with other people. Versions of the work you create are automatically preserved as well.


Figma is a collaboration-friendly user interface design app. It’s used to create and prototype website and mobile app user interfaces. Figma isn’t just for creating user interfaces. It’s also a graphics design programme that can make everything from social media posts to backgrounds and logos. Figma, like Git, allows you to merge changes, create branches, and save different versions of your file. If you don’t save versions, Figma will save versions of your work for you, which are referred to as checkpoints.

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Productivity and Version Control

Many apps have introduced version control tools to boost productivity over time. If you work in engineering design and manufacturing, Fusion 360’s version control and collaboration features may be of interest to you. Using a version control system in an application or programme will undoubtedly increase your productivity.