10 Dos and Don’ts of Hosting a Dinner Party

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10 Dos and Don’ts of Hosting a Dinner Party

Are you thinking of inviting a few friends to dinner? After hosting for 15 years meals for family, friends and clients -- with some hiccups and some a

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Are you thinking of inviting a few friends to dinner? After hosting for 15 years meals for family, friends and clients — with some hiccups and some awe-inspiring triumphs along the wayI’ve learned a lesson or two. Below are some of my best suggestions for throwing a memorable dinner.

  1. DO: Come up with a reason to host your event.

You’ll need something to drink, don’t you? The purpose of the party can make it more enjoyable. The celebration of birthdays, milestones and other milestones is the obvious motives for having a party but you could also organize a dinner party to celebrate any reason you think up. It’s Friday! This is your half birthday! It’s the season’s end on Orphan Black!

  1. DO NOT: Get shackled by the Place You Live In.

If you’re worried that your space isn’t big enough or that your space isn’t attractive enough, reconsider. The conversation and the people the main reason why a dinner event is unique. Sure, a gorgeous table with a view of the sunset on the beach can be amazing however it’s not essential to make a meal memorable and enjoyable.


  1. DO: Create a party Atmosphere!

The kitchen and the house should not look the same as they are in everyday. Set tables with tablecloths, fine china and cloth napkins. listen to mood music, make the room awash with beautiful flowers wear the appropriate gown.

  1. Don’t forget your guest’s dietary needs.

Being a great hostess implies you must make your guests feel at ease as they eat on your tables. Serve them food that they can consume. If you’re inviting vegetarians for dinner, serve butternut squash rigatoni instead of beef Bolognese. If you plan to have some drink or champagne party, make sure you have correct types of champagne glasses available.

  1. Do: Write out the Menu!

You want your friends to be aware of what they’re eating.

  1. Don’t: Cut back on the Alcohol.

You’re wondering whether you should buy the more bottle Albarino? Do it. It’s better to drink more than less alcohol, because it relaxes people and helps keep people talking. If you want to have some classy party, research on wine glasses types and make arrangements with correct types of wine.

  1. DO SERVE Appetizers as well as Dessert.

Your guests need something to nibble on while they arrive. It doesn’t need to be arancini made from scratch with mushrooms that you have gathered and smokey mozzarella. Serve an assortment of pistachios, a bowl and a piece of aged cheddar, and make it a day. Same goes for dessert. Finish your dinner in a sweet way. Delicious homemade desserts are great and the vanilla ice cream with drizzles in chocolate sauce makes a simple to make and is a popular choice.

  1. DO NOT: Be confined by your cooking skills.

Don’t be afraid to throw an event because you aren’t sure how cook. There are many options for host who isn’t cooking: visit Whole Foods and make an whole meal from the food section, or order a variety of salads and pizzas from the best pizza restaurant or employ a renowned chef from a company such as Kitchit to handle all the hard work.

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    9. DO: Be flexible.

Let guests arrive at the last minute. When your friend’s bestie’s family member will be just visiting to stay the night, add some broth into the soup and allow your cousin join you for dinner too. If your homemade mayonnaise is broken when you’re about prepared to serve, pour it into the garbage and spice up the store-bought mayonnaise with citrus, herbs hot sauce or.

Keep in mind that the hostess sets the mood of the meal and if you’re stressed out over a unsuccessful attempt to make mayonnaise the guests will be able to sense the stress and not have the most pleasant time.

  1. DO NOT: Rush for the bathroom to Do your Dishes.

My favourite part of dinner is when the meal has been served where everyone gathers around the table. You can open a bottle of fresh wine (or offer dessert wine or a digestif) to make sure that both the bellies and glasses are full. Relax, sit back and let the lively conversation flow.

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