When to Hire an Orthodontist

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When to Hire an Orthodontist

Dental health should be a priority at all times. Choosing the right professional to help you handle various dental health issues is vital in your reco

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Dental health should be a priority at all times. Choosing the right professional to help you handle various dental health issues is vital in your recovery process. In most cases, you’ll need to choose between visiting an orthodontist and a dentist. Knowing when to pick an orthodontist is necessary. The following are signs that you need to select an orthodontist.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most significant issues people face. There are two gum conditions you could face: periodontosis and gingivitis. Gingivitis is a relatively milder form of periodontosis, often caused by toxins in plaque. It will often escalate to periodontosis if left untreated for a while.

Notably, there are up to four stages of gum disease. Getting professional help during the early stages should be a priority. It will help you avoid significant pain and even medical expenses. Such is the time to visit an orthodontist for further advice.

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Speech Impediments

Speech impediments signify that you have dental issues to be addressed soon. Today, most medical experts associate speech issues with crooked teeth. Any misalignment implies that you will not speak coherently.

Other causes of speech impediment include teeth overlapping and twisting. The placement of your tongue might also result in excess air passing between your teeth, creating a whistle every time you speak. Once you notice these signs, it would be best to consider the services of an orthodontist. Doing so on time will help avert further complications in the long run.

Unnatural Bite

Various bite issues suffice. You could suffer from an underbite, overbite, or crossbite. The upper front teeth protrusion is yet another problem you could face. An underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends out, meaning that the upper teeth will be way in front of the lower ones. An overbite highlights the reverse of an underbite. On the other hand, a crossbite involves the upper teeth sitting in the lower ones, causing stratification. Each of these problems makes it difficult for you to chew your food naturally.

Ensure that you reach out to a professional to help address this problem on time. The significant delay could result in bigger issues, requiring invasive treatment.

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Teeth Crowding

Teeth crowding is a common phenomenon among many people. In this case, the teeth will have insufficient room to sprout from the gums. A crowded mouth exposes you to various issues, from speech impediment and difficulty in biting to a less appealing smile. In such instances, an experienced orthodontist comes in handy.

This Denver orthodontist professional will offer various solutions to your condition. One of the most popular solutions is using Invisalign and braces. There are multiple options to choose from, meaning you can get a perfect match for your budget and personal preferences. They could also consider surgery, mainly when the condition is advanced. At the same time, you could rely on this expert if you have teeth spacing issues, meaning more gaps in the jaw. Here, the idea would be to fill the spaces accordingly.

As you look forward to a more appealing smile, investing in the services of an orthodontist would be an excellent idea. The instances above show when you need to get their services.