2022 Amazing inventions presented biggest technology exhibition


2022 Amazing inventions presented biggest technology exhibition

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, some amazing gadgets and devices are presented. Most of the people's attention is focu

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Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, some amazing gadgets and devices are presented. Most of the people’s attention is focused on TVs, monitors and fast CPUs so many amazing devices do not come into view. Due to the Corona virus epidemic this year, the number of participants in CES was not high, which is why most of the amazing devices did not come to attention. Learn about some of these amazing devices.

LG OL LED Fitness Bike

Don’t like cycling? So LG has installed a 55-inch large LED display on the front of the bike for such people to make it possible to have fun along with exercise. These are the 3 displays that have been merged in front of which you will feel as if you are traveling somewhere while pedaling a bicycle.

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This toothbrush cleans teeth in 10 seconds

The French company Foss Tash developed a concept toothbrush in 2019 under the Y-Brush brand that was capable of cleaning teeth in 10 seconds, a commercial model of which was introduced shortly after.

Now the company has come up with a new concept toothbrush which is much better than the previous model. Introducing this new concept brush during CES 2022 and having fibers on both sides, there is no need to turn the device over in the mouth as in the first model.

Now put this new toothbrush in your mouth and move both sides and that’s it. And yes, this time around, instead of just one program, 6 new vibration modes including gum care, whitening and polishing will be present in this new toothbrush. This brush is currently a concept model and it is difficult to say how long it will be available to the general public.

Lily lamps

This is a special lamp that helps people with dyslexia (a disease whose sufferers have difficulty reading, recognizing, understanding and writing words) to study. The company claims that its patented technology facilitates long-term study through the mirror effect. The lamps are made in such a way that they are invisible to the human eye but make the words easier for the affected people to understand. It is priced at 349 euros.

Alienware’s Nike Server

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play a game on your computer and switch it to TV? So Nike Server is equipped with the same technology of the future that will allow you to switch devices indoors without any hassle. The controller will act as a central point and will be able to switch devices from a specific app, but nothing has been said about its availability yet.

Chameleon-like color changing car

You may have seen a lot of cars, but not like the BMW that has the ability to change color like a chameleon. Electrophoretic technology in e-ink has been used for this vehicle. With the help of this technology this car color changes almost instantly, so how does it happen?

Like the chameleon, this color-changing ability also works to the user’s liking, even if the color of the whole car is heartbreaking, otherwise it can be changed to the sides, the shape of the straps or whatever the heart. Currently this car can change color to black, white and gray.

Doors are now smart

Instead of installing different smart technologies in your door, why don’t you just buy a smart door? A company called Masonite has developed the M Power Door, which is equipped with a color video door bell and smart lock, while several sensors are also part of it.

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Samsung Digital Guitar

It may be fun to play the guitar but it is very difficult to learn. There are a number of digital guitars and apps to make this easier, but Samsung’s C-Lab digital guitar Zemstar has all been integrated. It has lights installed everywhere which indicate correct notice.

Health Monitor Bulb

At a time when there are plenty of bands and smart watches that only monitor the health of an individual. That’s why a company called Singled has introduced a new smart bulb in which the existing radar technology tracks heart rate, sleep trends and body temperature.

Easy to change hair color

Leading company has introduced hair color changing device for the first time and the company claims that people will no longer have to go to salons for good results. Laurel has developed this device after 5 years of hard work which has been named as Color Sonic. The mixer mechanism in it makes the hair color by ensuring the correct proportion of hair clipper.

Smart Lenses

These are concept lenses that provide details in real time in front of the human eye. The corporation has developed a lens that it calls the world’s first soft electronic contact lens. According to the company, these lenses work with a smartphone or any device and provide real-time details about the surroundings. Like the speed limit of a car on a road, which direction to go and much more.

Foldable Laptop

During the CES show, Osuz unveiled the ZenBook 17 Fold OLED laptop with a 17.3-inch foldable OLED display. According to the company, the big advantage of a foldable device is that it easily fits the big screen into bags, especially for those who have to travel with a laptop hanging all the time.

When folded, the Osuz laptop has a 12.3-inch screen with a Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad, which will be provided separately by the company. This laptop can be operated by placing it on a table or anywhere and the resolution in full form is Full HD.

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WiFi Router Adjusting Its Antenna to Signal

TP Link’s new Archer AXE200 Omni Wi-Fi Router 6 can operate on the e-Fi standard. This router has 4 adjustable antennas which automatically adjust the position with the help of motorized mechanism to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal. For example, if the smartphone is running on Wi-Fi and you take it to another corner of the house, then these antennas will change their direction accordingly.