How to Implement Voice Search Magento 2 Extension


How to Implement Voice Search Magento 2 Extension

The rapidly developing modern mechanisms are speeding up the easy accessibility of ecommerce products. Ecommerce shopping creates a buzz among enthusi

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The rapidly developing modern mechanisms are speeding up the easy accessibility of ecommerce products. Ecommerce shopping creates a buzz among enthusiastic online shoppers for which more suitable technology products are in the market. The addition of functionalities over the commerce platforms is done to get the desired search results. So, the progressive ecommerce sellers want to learn and explore the opportunity of implementing advanced improvements. With this, they need to recognize the spoken text immediately through the voice search Magento 2 extension. The addition of this functionality has become a part of the growing ecommerce stores.

Introduce the New Command Over the Ecommerce Platform

Using the voice query on the microphone, customers can easily navigate their searches and land on their favorite shopping brands. The voice search Magento 2 extension supports speaking the keywords rather than typing the listed keywords. There is the possibility of conducting general interaction with websites, breaking the web speech API into two main components: voice synthesis and speech recognition. There are a few steps in improving the functionality of speech recognition. It is vital to know what these steps are!

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Steps to Generate the Speech Recognition

Firstly register into a new custom voice search module followed by defining custom settings, voice search details. For making the voice search functional, it is essential to create Javascript files and run the Magento commands. The prospect of search queries over the ecommerce platform has high prospects. Let’s bring insights into the benefits of voice search functionality. 

Advantages of Voice searches of the Ecommerce Platforms

Undoubtedly, the addition of this feature ensures a user-friendly customer experience. The voice commands are far more effective in receiving the exact search response. This system proves to be of much use to those having physical disabilities. Those customers can have direct answers to what they are searching for, and it optimizes the business revenues. Those who input the search terms on mobile devices prefer the voice commands. Indeed, the convenient voice search facility enables to improve customer loyalty. 

Steps of Implementing Voice Search Magento 2

  • The first step of implementing voice search into the Magento 2 extension is to create a Javascript file, and where we need to add the Speech recognition facility. It is necessary to create a file named the voice searches followed by a different code. As soon as we attach the template, online shoppers can listen to the speech. Also, this file needs to be done in the js configuration, and it will help load the file correctly as and when required.
  • While adding voice search into the Magento 2 extension, you are free to do the customizations. There lies the option of adding voice search in the mini search form in the header. It needs to be created in a custom form. Next, you can consider the template for the mini search form in the header.
  • There are other steps involving the voice search implementation. The next step involves editing the form. Mini. phtml in the Magento search templates. After locating the div element within it, you need to follow the option of adding the voice-search-trigger button. 
  • After creating the custom module, the last step is to install the module. It is required to check whether the function is enabled correctly or not. When the browser supports the voice search functionalities, users will be able to use the microphone. After the permission is granted, there will be a change in the input text followed by ‘listening.’ Here, the user’s voice input matters a lot, and finally, you can run the module. 
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The Bottom Line

Increase the Ecommerce store accessibility by implementing some prompt features. Customers are the vital support of every ecommerce business. So, there lies the need to cater to feasibility and convenient shopping options to customers. Among the various latest shopping possibilities, Speech recognition is a unique concept to outreach the ecommerce shopping possibilities. 

With the introduction of the shopping features like navigating the site to a specific page, implementing commands will soon help the ecommerce sellers to ace the trend. Start taking advantage of professional Magento developers skilled in developing features and versions. Grow your futuristic voice search Magento extension from now!