How to Select the Perfect Wall Artwork for your Space


How to Select the Perfect Wall Artwork for your Space

Wall art, wall hangings and photographs serve as the stylish topping on the cake of your house. The wall art attracts the eye and brings your space to

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Wall art, wall hangings and photographs serve as the stylish topping on the cake of your house. The wall art attracts the eye and brings your space together and makes your house more welcoming. While it may seem like a daunting job to find, purchase and installation art that you like is well worth the effort. Wall art not only gives your home a unique look and can give any room an instant boost and connects everything in. There are no predetermined guidelines for decorating a home, these simple guidelines will allow you to choose the right wall art pieces to decorate your home with all its individuality. Consider the dimensions, style, colour or theme, as well as inspiration or floor plans – the possibilities are endless.


The #1 tip for choosing the perfect wall art

Before we get into the details, here’s a tip that will guide you through your search: Find something you enjoy. It’s as simple as that! Art should trigger reactions (hopefully positive!) So make sure that whatever you pick creates feelings of joy either in the form of excitement, peace, or even joy. If not then don’t place it up on your wall.

Although it’s normal to compromise when choosing art pieces – maybe getting the right piece of art isn’t easy or it’s more convenient to choose the painting that is in keeping with the color scheme of the room. You shouldn’t be forced to give up. Consider your walls as extensions of your style and approach the selection process in the same manner as you would choose the perfect sofa, dining table, or bed. Wall art is able to alter the appearance of any space therefore, you should find the one which can transform your home.


The practical part is now in. One important aspect to bear in mind when choosing wallpaper is the dimension of both the art piece and the blank wall space to work with. The piece is waiting for the perfect photo, print or painting, but be careful when the dimensions aren’t right and completely alter the overall balance of the space. Begin your search with a specific size in mind. This lets you sort through the options quickly. It’s important to take into consideration the location before purchasing because it will affect the dimensions you’re seeking. Is your piece going to be displayed directly on the wall or do you see it sitting on top of something such as an Buffet or desk?

If you’re considering decorating your entire space with multiple artworks, the size is still an important factor to take into consideration. Begin with larger pieces, and then work towards smaller pieces to fill any gaps that may appear as the room grows. For instance, if you are looking to create a statement piece over the sofa Start by putting it up first because it’s the first thing people will see. As you begin to put your room together the other smaller pieces that you pick will gradually increase in size, and eventually enough your home can be decorated in styles that you like.

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To help you comprehend the scale of your artwork, here are some common sizes of artwork to take into consideration:

  • oversized1 Meter or more in size, these art pieces are the main focal point in an area. They look amazing when placed on top of the furniture of the same size like a couch or bed, or a dining table.
  • Big:With frames that are between to 100 centimetres in length, these large wall art pieces are great centerpieces that can be placed on a floor or as the focal point of the gallery’s busy wall.
  • Medium Wall art that is medium in size can range from 60 to 80 centimetres long it is the most adaptable size. Put two pieces in an art gallery or let one work stand alone by standing alone in a room that is minimalist.
  • SmallSmall frames typically measure 45-60 centimetres in length; they are great to put together, gallery style! Mix two to six smaller frames to create an exciting visual.
  • Mini It’s finally the child of the bunch of mini frames! With sizes ranging from 25 to 45 centimetres and width, mini prints are best when they are grouped.