Your smart mug’s coffee is ready and will be available all day


Your smart mug’s coffee is ready and will be available all day

The best justification, it would seem, for owning a clever coffee cup is so you can be one of those retro driving test instructors who says, "If that

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The best justification, it would seem, for owning a clever coffee cup is so you can be one of those retro driving test instructors who says, “If that coffee spills, you fail.” With the same hot cup of coffee, you could make that threat all day long, but it seems that people are purchasing them for different purposes.

We’ve all been there is a common refrain in the marketing pitch for self-heating cups, which is followed by heartbreaking tales of coffee that was left unattended and became cold. Unlike the sled in Citizen Kane, this poor hot cup of coffee is heartlessly abandoned after patiently waiting to share its owner’s sweet caffeine energy. It is then slowly buried under falling snow.

Taking Care of Your Coffee

What is a smart coffee mug, and more importantly, why? Smart coffee cups employ heat and liquid detection sensors to maintain your coffee at the same temperature for hours. They also enable you change the coffee’s temperature remotely and get notifications via an app. It might say, “I am still coffee,” for example.

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Consider the Ember Smart Mug, which is very different from the standard World’s Best Dad cup. When connected to the charging coaster, the self-heating mug can keep your coffee at the desired temperature for up to 80 minutes, or all day if you’re crossing Antarctica on huskies and need a warm beverage afterward. The companion app allows for remote temperature control.

So, let’s suppose you find yourself being pursued by henchmen across the workplace for some reason. You can now remotely elevate the coffee’s temperature at your desk from a cosy 120 degrees to a scalding 145 degrees, grab it, and toss it back at them. Observe yourself, Jason Bourne. There are definitely other businesses vying to heat your coffee, even though Ember will inevitably top every web search you conduct on smart cups.

The Bestinnkits smart coaster allows you to use your own cup for those who are really loyal to their Golden Girls “Stay Golden” mug, while the Bsigo smart mug offers the appearance that a little cat is what is keeping your coffee warm. All of this hasn’t, however, fully addressed the aforementioned why. Who are these individuals purchasing a self-heating mug, to quote Seinfeld?

Trying to Explain the Need for the Smart Mug

Owners of smart coffee cups may feel compelled to defend their products since they may create the idea that sipping coffee requires cutting-edge technology. Some people actually leave a trail of half-drunk cold coffees and teas behind them everywhere they go (that’s how I tracked down my dog when it went away), and they would be unlikely to forget with a clever one.

Additionally, if you use a smart cup, you won’t keep forgetting to reheat your coffee as if it were some awful Sisyphean life. Just like I wouldn’t forget to eat a bowl of ice cream, I hardly ever forget to drink my coffee. In both cases, trying to swallow it too quickly resulted in tongue injuries.

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The only electronic device my coffee requires is a freezer to cool it down while I pace outside it like an expectant father. So, while deciding whether or not you genuinely require a smart cup, consider how frequently you forget to make coffee each day. Try the traditional string around the finger, or get a tattoo that says, “Drink coffee,” if the numbers are between one and five.

Grab a stylish coffee cup like the Ember if the number is in the 10 to 20 range. Your coffee will stay warm the whole day, week, and year. Even when the sun’s core becomes unstable and kills us all, as well as when the seas sweep the land and civilizations rise and fall, your coffee will still be ready.

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