Your Favorite Videos: Facebook Video Downloading

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Your Favorite Videos: Facebook Video Downloading

It's not difficult to save copies of Facebook videos to your computer, but there are a few steps involved. Downloading content from popular video site

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It’s not difficult to save copies of Facebook videos to your computer, but there are a few steps involved. Downloading content from popular video sites is frequently made challenging(Opens in a new window), typically for copyright and financial reasons. They would rather you post a direct link or share it on your feed, where it will continue to generate pre-roll ad revenue. However, you probably have your reasons if you want to make a permanent copy of a video you saw on Facebook rather than something you created. We’re here to inform you how to download them because we believe in you.

(Read How to Download Your Facebook Data if you only need a copy of the images and videos that you personally posted.) Try using desktop programme like 4K Video Downloader if you have it to download YouTube videos. The majority of the tools used for Vimeo, YouTube, and other platforms also function with Facebook URLs. Though there are alternative approaches.

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Desktop downloads directly

Nearly every video on Facebook has a “Save Video” item in the ellipsis menu. However, that just “saves” the movie on Facebook to a part of your account called “Saved Videos,” where you may organise collections to view later. It does not save the video to your local storage. You won’t have access to the video if the owner deletes it. Although a little complicated, downloading Facebook videos to your computer is not difficult.

First, in your browser, pick Copy link from the three dots that appear when you hover over a video. (If the video is marked as private, you might not see this choice.) You may watch it from the shortened URL (beginning with in a new window)) to something that begins with by pasting that into a new browser tab (Opens in a new window). Enter “mbasic” in place of “www” in the address bar.

This compels the browser to load the page’s mobile version for you. Open link in new tab by choosing the right-click menu next to the video. You will only view the movie in this new third tab, so you may save it to your computer by right-clicking once more and choosing Save video as. The drawback of this approach is that the video you receive isn’t exceptionally high-res. However, there is a quicker method to download a better Facebook video.

Increase Resolution Using a Web Assistance Site

Use to avoid the laborious procedure described here (Opens in a new window). It is sponsored by advertisements to keep the lights on, however some of them are click-traps with boxes that read “Start” or “Start Download.” Copy the Facebook URL you copied by choosing Copy Link from the ellipsis menu, and then paste it.

The website will analyse the material for you and offer links to download either a “HD Quality” video or the “Normal Quality” version, which is what you receive by following the preceding instructions. I tried it to download a movie trailer, and the HD version was a lovely 27MB file, while the standard resolution version was a blocky 4.6MB file.

The links can be clicked, or you can right-click and choose Save link as. A high quality or standard definition download may be forced, and an audio repair can be performed, using the More Options box. Consider installing Video Downloader PLUS, FDown. net’s addon, if you often use the Google Chrome browser (Opens in a new window). If a video is downloadable, a download button appears directly on the video. However, it is only one of several extensions from numerous creators that permit Facebook downloads. Choose one after trying a few.

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Download to mobile devices is excellent on both iOS and Android mobile smartphones. The catch is that it doesn’t function with iOS’s Safari browser. The creators claim that using Chrome doesn’t improve things much either. advises using Firefox for mobile (Opens in a new window). You might not be aware that the films are private until the very final step, but they won’t function on private or non-public ones.

Facebook video search (in any browser). If the video is a Reels one, you can usually acquire a Copy Link by clicking the ellipsis. FireFox should be opened, loaded, the URL pasted, and download selected. Once more, you’ll have the choice of downloading a movie in Normal Quality or HD Quality. Tap and hold your finger on your preferred option to reveal the Download Link option, which is followed by a Download Now confirmation.

This places the video in the Downloads area of the Firefox browser. The Firefox hamburger menu in the lower right will take you there (the three lines). The video link will probably appear as a long series of numbers; click on it. To save a video to your device’s camera roll on iOS, hit Save Video. You can tell if a movie is private or not by looking at the notice below.