What You Should Know About Laboratory MIXdrives


A new study shows that one in five experts believes laboratory MIXdrives are unsuitable for researchers. But what does this mean for you? What are the facts, and why should it matter? What is a laboratory MIXdrive? This article will introduce laboratory stirring drives, what they consist of, and the benefits:

A laboratory MIXdrive or stirring drive is an automatic, computer-controlled device that provides adjustable, continuous mixing in a closed system. In short: it’s a robotic stirrer. The standard setup is with the container on top of the drive and the stirrers below. However, configurations vary from one design to another.

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What Do Stirring Drives Consist Of?

Stirring drives consist of a basic unit, such as the mechanical arm and platform, depending on the design preferred by the product manufacturer. This is connected to a motor controller–a variable-frequency drive (VFD) or another type of drive that varies power to the electromagnetic motor–and a pump, usually a peristaltic pump, to ensure accurate flow control. There may also be an electronic control unit (ECU) or controller that coordinates system operation and computer interface. Many manufacturers also provide customizable drives with new drive platforms, controllers, and motors. This allows the user to modify existing recipes or develop new ones with minimum effort.

What Are the Main Benefits of Lab Stirring Drives?

Many benefits make a laboratory mixdrive a useful tool in modern laboratories. Some of these include:

  • Ease of use since they can be programmed so that you can set them and walk away.
  • It removes the need to use an inefficient magnetic stirrer. If you need continuous stirring, there’s no better way than using a stirring laboratory drive.
  • The stir bar does not have to be manually placed in the vessel, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

Laboratory stirring drives offer versatility and convenience as well as many other benefits. It is up to the user to make sure that they consider all factors before purchasing a laboratory stirring drive, such as their budget and requirements, and then find the drive that best suits their needs.