What is RF Optimization Engineer?

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What is RF Optimization Engineer?

RF Optimization EngineerDefinition: A RF Optimization engineer is in charge of customizing the radio frequencies before and after installing produ

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RF Optimization Engineer

Definition: A RF Optimization engineer is in charge of customizing the radio frequencies before and after installing products. And also, an RF Optimization engineer is responsible for designing items such as laptops, mobiles, and RF identification (Radio frequency).

RF Optimization Engineer in Telecom Industry

RF Optimization engineer is responsible for planning and designing new and existing cellular devices. Endeavors need to satisfy the client’s demands to develop the call quality.

Performance Assessment: Review drive test information (MOS, BER, Call-in Process, C/I, Adjacent Channel#.) as network functional measures and focus on complex regions.

New Cell Design and Selection: Identify and justify sites, issue Sarf’s, help with site determination and securing, engineer RF plan (inclusion, limit, recurrence arranging and obstruction), spending plan examination, and organize and audit site combination process.

Channel Adds: Monitor with Network Operations, work with GEA/SE to make DRU/Frame PRs, illuminate Network Engineering regarding prerequisites, organize and go about as prime contact for convenient establishment.

Recurrence and Extension coordination: Coordinate and analyze approaching/active recurrence plans and expansion concurrences.

Alteration Design: Design and carry out system changes (server and hardware changes, antenna choices, and other cell site hardware), which improve or support quality execution of the Network promptly. It also assists and balances projects with Network Operations and Engineering.

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RF Optimization Systems Engineer:

A Radio Frequency Engineer, or RF Engineer, is an electrical architect who works on devices that receive or communicate radio waves. Our phones and wireless products work on radio waves, so our tech-related society would not be possible without the knowledge of RF Engineers.


  • Expert in Radio Network Design and Tuning Tools,
  • Knowledge of Radio Network Dimensioning/Coverage Design,
  • Radio Functionality and cell boundaries,
  • Organization Traffic Modeling,
  • Organization Performance (KPI) given Field Measurement and Systems Measurements,
  • Data Formats (Mapinfo, GoogleEarth) and Planning Tools
  • Radio Network Design Methods and Processes,
  • Radio Network Traffic/Capacity,
  • Multi-facet (carrier)management,
  • Optimizing and Post handling tools,
  • Administration Quality for Radio Networks,
  • Remote End-to-end Performance,
  • GSM/WCDMA/LTE Handover and Cell Reselection,
  • Great information in BSS/RNC/MME boundaries,
  • Investigation of drive test information and suggestions.

Duties of RF Optimization Engineer

  • RF Engineer will be able to manage expectations and create network arrangements dependent on the client’s development plans, new features, and advances.
  • They are acquiring the ability to guarantee the specialized substance on network projects by investigating the client’s prerequisites and ensuring that the organization arrangements proposed will meet the ideal requirements of the Wireless client.
  • Support customers for their issues and works to respond promptly or within a given time limit.
  • Proactively looks for techniques or arrangements to improve client organization or engineering processes.
  • Communicates information inside to develop engineers while also keeping up with client privacy necessities.
  • Interact and build strong relationships with clients.
  • support LTE Optimization efforts or different activities,
  • Gather and analyze client requirements,
  • Secure organization information and data,
  • RF improvement and framework efficiency tuning for an LTE organization,
  • Research and resolve client complaints regarding support,
  • optimize systems and add new equipment to the networks; turn on, coordinate, and enhance new cells destinations,
  • Interface with all levels of management and work together with different groups,
  • Perform plan and execution activities in client projects,
  • Perform Network Planning,
  • Perform Initial Tuning,
  • Perform Network as well as Node Reviews/Audits,
  • Carry out proposals for network optimization improvement,
  • Attempt network performance improvement (KPIs) and enhancement tasks.


  • Should know about LTE/VoLTE technology, LTE network design, and 3GPP guidelines; Additionally, experience supporting RF organizations with US-based cellular administrators is preferred.
  • Should have experience with LTE boundaries, KPI counters, Operational Performance Indicator (OPI) counters, and related call situations. The ability to survey everyday KPI reports and recognize locales with execution issues is required.
  • Experience in troubleshooting and network performance components.
  • Problem detection, issues, connection failures, and blocks…
  • Knowledge in RF optimization layer3 analysis and experience using tools related to ACITX.
  • Able to do various testing tools such as Teams, X-Cal, JDSU/RAN Advisor, Nemo…etc.
  • Hands-on experience in monitoring site performances, health check status of sites, and resolving alarms.

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A Radio Frequency (RF) Optimization Engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average pay (including tips and allowances) of ₹376,826. A Radio Frequency (RF) Optimization Engineer with 5-9 years of experience earns a pay scale of ₹850,000 dependent. A Radio Frequency (RF) Optimization Engineer with 10-19 years of experience makes a complete pay of ₹1,415,000. The pay scale varies in terms of skills, knowledge, and expertise.