Plants that keep houses cool

Plants that keep houses cool

Plants beautify homes, but there are also many plants that keep people healthy as well as protect homes from heat. Trees and plants are one of the many blessings of Allah Almighty for life. Most people like to decorate their house with green plants but before planting in their house know that greenery is beneficial but some Plants are also harmful to human health and so today we will tell you about some special plants that will help to make your home beautiful and healthy as well as protect from heat. Experts say that the only way to benefit from tree planting is to plant locally grown trees and flowers. You can plant flowers in your yard, terrace, balcony or terrace.

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Aloe vera

The most well-known and useful of these plants is aloe vera, also called ghee guar in the local language. The aloe vera plant disinfects the air, cleans the cross, softens the room temperature and releases oxygen overnight. Aloe vera plant is also used to make creams, gels, ointments, etc.

Weaping Fag Heat

Weeping figs make the air fragrant by reducing the intensity of heat. This plant deals with pollutants that are emitted from carpeting and furniture such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloro Thai.

Arica Palm

Erica Palm cleans the environment and is extremely useful for respiratory patients due to its properties. In addition, it is a friendly plant for those who suffer from chronic colds and flu.
A similar plant is the Spider Plant, which is said to clean up 90% of the toxins in the air within two to three days, especially for dust allergies. Very useful for patients.

Dwarf Date Palm

The dwarf date palm cools the house by eliminating pollution. It specifically eliminates the chemical compound xylene, which is a type of hydrocarbon. The special feature of this plant is that it has a long shelf life.

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Baby Rubber Plant

Baby rubber plant helps in reducing the heat of the house and keeping the rooms cool and at the same time it cleans the air and that is why it is considered as one of the most popular plants in the house. So summer has begun. Go now and buy some of the above mentioned plants from the nursery so that when summer is at its peak you can feel cool and calm in the house even without AC.