9 upgrades you need to have in your bathroom in 2022

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9 upgrades you need to have in your bathroom in 2022

In this article, we will talk about Upgrade your bathroom Ever since people started spending more time at home, they began noticing everything they fi

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In this article, we will talk about Upgrade your bathroom Ever since people started spending more time at home, they began noticing everything they find annoying. Before the pandemic, people spent half of their days at the office, and the rest of their day running around the city. Now, people got used to spending more time at home, especially if they still work from home. There’s a significant rise in the number of homeowners who decided it’s time to change their bathroom and upgrade it to fit their new lifestyle.

The colours

The first thing people get tired of is the colour of their bathroom. If you plan on tearing the entire Upgrade bathroom down, from top to bottom, go bold with tile colours and textures. Neutral colours or pastel colours are a dominant bathroom colour palette for some reason. However, it appears that the era of neutral bathrooms has come to an end in 2022. Bold colours like deep forest green or deep shades of blue can completely change the energy of your bathroom. Deep green can be combined with golden or brass fixtures as these two shades are complementary. Deep blue shades go well with silver or classic coloured fixtures.

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Greenery increases the  aesthetics

Another popular upgrade is believed to enhance the environment to make it feel calmer and more relaxing. The trick is to add plants to your bathroom. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, there’s also a practical side to adding plants. Plants are known to improve air quality,  help reduce odours and also reduce airborne microbes. Biophilia is a popular design concept that is slowly taking over our bathrooms as well. Plants are also known to have a calming, stress-reducing effect, so why not add a few potted plants to your bathroom?

Add spa-like features

We’ve all been bombarded by the importance of self-care during difficult times. Since you’re planning your Upgrade bathroom, it might be time to add spa-like features. For example, if you upgrade your regular showerhead to a high-tech luxurious shower, you can personalise your showering experience and enjoy a relaxing massage-like shower. You can also add a steam shower, so you can benefit from a sauna experience. Add some incense, candles, and organic cotton towels and your bathroom will feel like a five-star hotel.

Upgrade your vanity

When it comes to interior design, you can also create a focal point in your bathroom. This practice isn’t solely reserved for the living room design, it works perfectly in bathroom design as well. So, your bathroom vanity is the focal point of your bathroom. You can check up one of the bathroom stores online to see different types of vanities like vanity on legs, wall-hung vanities, freestanding vanities and other types.

There’s a variety of styles, materials and finishes available, which will completely transform your bathroom. Depending on the type and size of the vanity, you’ll also increase your storage space, go from vanity with doors to one with drawers or vice versa.

Focus on the lighting

With the change of vanity, comes the change of lighting. This is yet another aspect that is often overlooked because people believe that any light fixture is good enough. However, that’s a misconception. Especially if there are females in the household, who’ll spend a lot of time in front of a vanity mirror getting ready for their day.

A poorly lit bathroom is a nightmare for getting ready and applying makeup because everything will look different in natural light. So, upgrade your main lighting fixture to something aesthetically appealing. A popular trend in 2022 is a small bathroom chandelier. Go for an overhead lighting fixture that will brighten up the space and add some additional fixtures, next to the bathroom vanity mirror. If you have a freestanding bath or decide to install it, you can put some pendant lighting fixtures above it.

Get a curated set of bathroom linens

The statistics say that we should rotate our towels and replace them with a new set every two years. This is because bacteria and germs can develop over time because towels provide a wet and warm environment. Also, towels lose softness and fibres over time, so they won’t be as soft and absorbent over time. You can use this bathroom upgrade to get a set of curated bathroom towels.

If you stick to your old linens, they will look even more outdated next to everything new you installed in your bathroom. Also, beautiful and bold-coloured bathroom towels are also a decorative element. You can also get bathrooms in different textures, so you’ll create a layering effect when you place them on the towel shelf.

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Add a better ventilation system

The bathroom ventilation system is an important feature in every bathroom. Each time you take a shower or a bath, Upgrade your bathroom turns into a wet, warm and damp place. Even if your open a window afterwards, it might not be enough to minimise the effects of dampness and wetness. Wet and damp areas are ideal breathing areas for mould, mildew and odours. These can impact your health, so you can be one of many people who decided to upgrade their bathroom ventilation system.

This way you’ll decrease condensation and limit or reduce the development of mould and mildew. Ventilation is also useful if you have many people living in your home. It can help remove odours fast so everyone can have a comfortable bathroom experience.

A freestanding bath is all the rage in 2022

We all know that scene from the movies when the main character thinks about their life and tough decisions while taking a bath in a freestanding bath. The focal point of the scene is usually this magnificent white bath, and we’ve all thought how nice it would be to have one in our bathroom.

If you want to stay on top of Upgrade bathroom design trends, you need to get one of those magnificent freestanding baths for Upgrade your bathroom. People even began installing them in their bedrooms, but we can stick to the master bathroom for starters.

Bathroom entertainment as well

Bathroom entertainment is another 2022 bathroom trend. If you love listening to music while you’re having an at-home spa experience, think about installing bathroom entertainment. You won’t have to worry about your phone unintentionally getting wet if you simply connect it to a bathroom stereo system.

Lastly, before you embark on the journey of upgrading your bathroom, plan your budget in advance. Every one of these upgrades comes at a cost, so it might be wise to plan your budget ahead of renovations. This way you’ll know how wild you can be when it comes to choosing a new shower head, bathroom vanity, bathroom chandelier or freestanding bath.