The Pros and Cons of Jewelry Manufacturing in USA


The Pros and Cons of Jewelry Manufacturing in USA

In this article, we will talk about Cons of Jewelry Manufacturing Choosing to acquire genuine 22K gold and diamond jewellery from an international jew

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In this article, we will talk about Cons of Jewelry Manufacturing Choosing to acquire genuine 22K gold and diamond jewellery from an international jeweller can be challenging, unlike the majority of online transactions. From one international store to the next, there can be differences in the jewelry’s quality, reputation, cost, and level of customer care. 

Even if international internet jewellers have fantastic collections and designs, that doesn’t always translate into favourable rates and customer support! I’ve prepared this article based on my own experience to assist our readers in making knowledgeable purchases from international jewellers. I’ve listed the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing 22K gold and diamond jewellery from a foreign jeweller here.


Variety of Designs

Due to easier access to production facilities and subcontractors, most international jewellers may offer a larger assortment of jewellery designs and collections. With these merchants, customers may certainly find the jewellery of their choosing.

For instance, India would undoubtedly have more choices than the US if you’re seeking for high-end bridal diamond necklace sets or an uncut diamond Jewelry Manufacturing collection.

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More Willing To Customize

Foreign jewellers will be more willing to create a piece of jewellery just for you if they have the ability to manufacture it in-house or if they can readily subcontract the work to other local jewellers.


Lengthened Shipping Time

It typically takes long days for international jewellers to ship an item. Purchasing from a foreign jeweller when you need something right away or for a special occasion could not work because frequent delays are probably to be anticipated.

Customers frequently are unaware that they must pay a 6% custom duty on the value of the jewellery they purchase when purchasing it from a foreign country. The international jewellery manufacturer does not specifically reveal the custom duty to the consumer at the time of purchase. 

Typically, the shipping company will send you an invoice 1-2 weeks after they have delivered the products to you. The shipping company’s practices, which prioritise getting the shipment to you as fast as possible over waiting to get the custom duty bill from the customs agency, which might take 1-2 weeks, are to blame for the delay.

Consumer Interaction 

The international jewellers take advantage of this circumstance and typically leave out any reference of custom duty from their consumer interactions. Customers are frequently misled into thinking there will be no customs duty or that the expensive shipping fees the international jeweller charges actually cover customs duty. The fine print under their terms and conditions or somewhere else that is not immediately obvious may contain information about the custom duty from the international jeweller. 

Since you weren’t made aware of the custom duty previously, you are unable to tell the shipping company that you do not desire to pay it at this time. Since you received the delivery and probably opened it right away to make sure all of your valuables were inside, you are kind of trapped with the item at this point and it is too late to send it back. Also take note that the government, not the shipping company, is responsible for collecting the customs duty. 

Limited Customer Service

You might only have a few ways to contact the international jeweller because of the time difference where they are located. You won’t be able to reach them if you call before or after their store’s operating hours. If they phone you back, it can be in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, which is not the best time to discuss buying jewellery. If you email them, you should anticipate a response within 1-2 business days. This just lengthens the period of time it takes for you to make a purchase and receive your item.

Returns & Exchanges Are Difficult

If, after receiving your international jewellery shipping, you decide you don’t like the item or find yourself needing to return or replace the item, your alternatives are incredibly limited. Now that you have contacted the international Jewelry Manufacturing, they will ask you to ship the items back to them in their country at your expense, pay for the custom duties once more and make sure the item is received by them within the time frame specified by their policies, which is typically very short. In the end, you are unable to do anything about the object and are stuck with it.

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Additional Credit Card Fees And Wire Transfer Costs

Most banks impose a 2% international transaction fee when you pay an international jeweller with a credit or debit card. This price can add up and become significant as the purchase value rises. If you choose to send money via wire transfer, you will incur wire transfer fees which you must factor into your overall payment.

Additionally, bear in mind that if you send a wire transfer, you lose all control over the money. It is gone, and nothing you do will bring it back. There is nothing you will be able to do even if the international jeweller breaks his commitment and does not mail you anything.

Absolute Lack Of Options Regarding Defective Items And Future Repairs?

What can you do if the merchandise you receive is harmed during shipping, such as bending or having stones fall out? Since the international jeweller is not present in your nation, he or she is unable to fix it for you. Both parties engaged in the transaction are aware that shipping the item back to the international jeweller for repair and then having them ship it back to you again is not realistic. 

In such cases, you can be instructed to locate a nearby jewellery repair shop and will probably need to get it fixed locally on your own. The international Cons of Jewelry Manufacturing may be willing to pay a modest sum for the repair, but this sum is well below what you will actually have to pay to have it serviced locally because repairs in the USA are pricey. 

They will only contribute what they would really spend on the repair in their nation, as paid directly to their manufacturing facility. You won’t have the option of getting it repaired from the jeweller you purchased it from, therefore you will need to outsource all future repairs to a local jeweller. You do not want to be in this helpless condition, to reiterate.

Limited Guarantee/Warranty Options?

After a few years, if you need to resale the item, you can only do it at that international jeweler’s retail shop in his or her homeland, which is not always feasible. What if you discover that the item isn’t as high-quality and pure as it was initially claimed to be? 

Make sure to conduct extensive research before making an international jewellery buy to avoid this challenging circumstance. To ensure that you receive the designs you desire, dependable customer service, product maintenance, and an enjoyable shopping experience.

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Tips For Online Jewelry Shopping

Compare the quality, cost, and customer service of several different Jewelry Manufacturing vendors before making a purchase. Consider requesting references from close loved ones, close friends, or coworkers. If you’re not familiar with a seller, look up information about them online. In a search engine, type in the name of the merchant and the words “complaint” or “review.”

Before making a purchase, find out the product’s specifications as well as the jeweler’s return and refund procedures. If you have a query or issue, look for a street address or phone number. Make a test call to the number. You might wish to find out if the merchant is located abroad. 

Prior to going shopping for a large purchase like a piece of jewellery, it is wise to make a few choices. Top jewelry manufacturers in the USA will assist you in all these areas very well. So choose it wisely. You are less likely to make an impulsive purchase that could result in a regretful shopping experience if you decide what is important to you up front.