What Will Be The Trending SEO Technique In 2021


What Will Be The Trending SEO Technique In 2021

In 2021, Google will remove all the Websites from SERPs for spamming. This is a new technique in SEO 2019-2021 which goes viral and getting a huge res

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In 2021, Google will remove all the Websites from SERPs for spamming. This is a new technique in SEO 2019-2021 which goes viral and getting a huge response in a short time. A big community of bloggers and website owners going to adopt this technique in 2019-2020 to get more traffic on the website. To follow this trend in 2019-2021, you need to focus on the quality of your content and traffic. Most important things for building a good website are to get more traffic on your site.

The new SEO Trend Followed by the Web owners in 2021:

1) Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social media marketing has now become a part of the future. Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media sites these days are playing an important role in our life as well as for business. Creating attractive graphics and content is now very easy with the help of free online tools. Try these tools to create online graphics:

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2) Top Quality Backlinks:

In 2021, Websites with quality backlinks will get indexed in Google. So the websites require backlinks from high-authority sites to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Media Buying is a new trend that has been adopted by all the online business owners. In 2020-2021, we can say Quality content and more media buying will be the trending SEO techniques which are going viral over internet very soon. Also it requires a lot of traffic on your site so you need to focus on media buying at first if you want to do branding for your website.

3) Video Optimization:

Videos have become an important part of our life now. With the introduction of YouTube, videos have become a must have thing in our life. All the major social media sites are now including video on their platform. Video Optimization is a new type of SEO 2019-2021 which you can follow to increase your traffic and branding for your website.

4) Media Buying:

Before buying any advertising service, check the quality of service Provider Company. There are lots of fake companies out there claiming themselves as best while they have no idea about anything. So before starting with media buying, check the reviews online from internet marketing forums and other websites. In future, video ads will be trending which requires a lot of traffic on your site so focus on tactics to get more traffic before doing media buying. Also check your website is search engine friendly or not.

5) Social Media Marketing:

We all agree on the fact that social media sites are playing a huge role in our life. So it’s time to get focus on Social media marketing 2019-2021 for your website. This is one of the major SEO techniques which you can adopt if you want more branding for your site.

6) Pay per Click Campaigns:

PPC campaigns are now considered as an efficient way of increasing the traffic to website through google AdWords, Bing ads, Facebook ads. You can also drive targeted traffic to your site by doing PPC advertising and pay only when someone click on your ad and visit your site.

7) Google AMP:

Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new trend in the SEO market. Websites created using AMP will show better rankings and will be more indexed by Google. So you need to focus on AMP 2019-2021 for your website.

8) Voice Search:

Nowadays, a lot of people are searching on the internet through voice search such as Alexa, long tail long tail keywords and other voice search engines. So, it’s time to think about optimizing your website for these type of searches for getting good traffic and branding for your site in 2020-2021.

9) Content Matters:

It is very important to create web content which is user friendly and useful for all types of users visiting your site. Apart from that, it is also very important to create content which will compel your users to share with their friends and social media sites.

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10) Website Speed:

Website speed has become a trend now as Google loves fast loading websites. Apart from that, there are millions of people visiting the web every second for finding some useful information on internet so if your site takes time to load then you are missing huge traffic every day. So focus on improving the speed of your website by using CDN domain hosting, cache plugin, responsive theme etc…

Final words

It is very important to focus on the above-given SEO techniques for your site. If you want more traffic, branding on search engines, good PR for your website then you should focus on the above-given techniques before starting with any other work of Search engine optimization. Starting SEO without focusing on these basics can cause irreparable damage to your website.

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