Why Did Toyota and BMW Choose Flutter-Embedded Systems?


Why Did Toyota and BMW Choose Flutter-Embedded Systems?

As flutter allows for the creation of high-performance, visually beautiful, and native-looking and -feeling applications, it sees extensive usage in t

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As flutter allows for the creation of high-performance, visually beautiful, and native-looking and -feeling applications, it sees extensive usage in the automotive sector. It uses a fast development cycle and a reactive programming methodology to make it easier to create and test new features quickly.

Flutter’s usage of the Dart programming language eliminates the need for developers to split their code into separate repositories when targeting both iOS and Android. BMW and Toyota are taking use of Flutter, an open-source cross-platform framework, to build high-performance, visually beautiful apps with a single set of source code.

Why Is Utilizing Flutter to Create Applications for the Automotive Industry the Best Choice?

With the built-in graphics engine, developers may more easily design a unified UI for mobile devices running different operating systems.

  • Flutter is built on top of the Dart programming language. Any Flutter App Developer may design more streamlined applications with the help of Dirt’s primary features, including strong typing, async-awaiting, trash collection, and a large standard library.
  • Users have the option of tinkering with the app’s UI and developing their own reusable tools and platforms.
  • It’s a lot like Java script, but it lets you build apps that feel at home on any platform.
  • Developers no longer need to restart running applications to include newly written or updated source code thanks to Flutter’s Hot Reload feature. Compilation is a laborious process, and this greatly streamlines it. As a consequence of spending less time testing, TTM shrinks.
  • This high-performance cross-platform app framework replicates the native app experience while running on a different operating system, with performance speeds of up to 60 frames per second (fps) when compared to native programmes (java/Swift).
  • Flutter is a fantastic option for deploying apps across platforms because of the large percentage of reused code.
  • Flutter’s robust rendering engine means shorter iterations throughout development and more room for personalization of finished products.
  • Flutter’s Hot reload feature allows developers and QA testers to save time when working on projects. The development process is sped up, and money is saved.
  • With Flutter, Google offers ready-made widgets. Therefore, unlike when utilising React, a Flutter App Developer is not need to create their own custom UI in Javascript and JSX. Users of automobile applications will appreciate the improved usability this offers.
  • Flutter works on the Linux-based Google Fuchsia as well as on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Linux, and Windows.

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There is a substantial worldwide development community working on Flutter, and it enjoys the support of Google. Developers using flutter now have more room to go outside the box in their attempts to solve a wide range of problems.

Why BMW Is Taking Advantage of Flutter App Development?

Toyota and BMW Choose Flutter

 The BMW car-companion app for iOS is the end aim, much as the BMW and MINI connected app for Android. In 2018, they’ve noticed that there are significant differences between iOS and Android apps. They took a choice to make the BMW and Mini connected app’s features available to users of other mobile operating systems at the same fee.

They decided to hire flutter developers and created apps for all platforms with only one set of code. BMW needed a cross-platform framework that could create massively scalable, responsive software for a wide range of devices, and Flutter was the only option. By switching to Flutter, BMW can now provide the most reliable and fast software to its dedicated BMW and Mini app users.

The Flutter ecosystem offers a wide variety of packages and plugins specifically designed for the development of automotive applications, which might be very useful to the car industry. These specialist bundles’ in-built features are designed to meet the demands of the automotive industry. These libraries offer specialized UI elements for automobile interfaces, make it simple to retrieve vehicle data, and include on-board technologies.

Automakers benefit from Flutter’s time savings and accelerated product launches thanks to the framework’s specialized tooling for developing automotive applications.

Additionally, the Flutter ecosystem includes a number of testing and quality assurance tools. Many different libraries and tools, including those included into Flutter, make it possible for programmers to construct comprehensive tests of an app’s features and safety.

This kind of quality control is crucial in the automobile app development industry, where focuses on both safety and performance is required. BMW, a pioneer in the automotive industry, has recognized the benefits of the Flutter framework and is now using it to create apps for its vehicles.

Why Is Toyota Taking Advantage of Flutter App Development?

Flutter App

 Toyota, one of the biggest automakers in the world, has recently revealed that it would be using Flutter to power their future in-car entertainment systems.

Potential buyers of Toyota vehicles anticipate a comparable high-quality interaction with the vehicle’s interface. The stable rendering engine and other characteristics of Flutter, like as AOT compilation, allow Toyota to develop a solid in-car solution. Flutter’s rendering engine and capabilities like AOT compilation help Toyota achieve the dependability it demands from an in-vehicle solution.

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When they hire flutter app developers, they can provide drivers an interface on par with what smartphone users have come to expect. Toyota steers clear of the sluggish performance and unpleasant design of consumer applications.

To include Flutter into its Linux-based in-car infotainment systems, Toyota makes use of the Embedder API. When you hire flutter developers India, they may use the Embedder API to rapidly connect their app to the car’s systems.

Including Toyota’s own design process, Toyota has developed a suite of internal tools to make the job of a Flutter app developer simpler. These tools were developed using the Dart programming language and the Flutter SDK framework.

Flutter’s declarative user interface and code as configuration techniques have helped Toyota quickly and easily generate code from designs. Flutter’s open-source nature and the rapidly expanding Flutter App Developer community are often cited as major factors in Toyota’s success in developing these solutions.

Toyota recognised the value of a Flutter App Developer’s competence. Despite the fact that Toyota is providing its apps on a single-target platform, the company has found that hot-reloading on the desktop and distributing to iOS and Android tablets has been useful for both physical and virtual user testing.

Toyota is excited to join the open-source Flutter community because it views collaboration with open-source software as an investment in improving in-vehicle user experiences.


As a consequence of its ability to facilitate the design of attractive, rapid user interfaces and a product development environment, Flutter is well suited to the development of cutting-edge solutions for the automobile sector. That’s why major players like BMW and Toyota choose flutter developers for hire.

As the Flutter ecosystem grows, so does the number of available design materials. In order to create visually beautiful and uniform user interfaces, the car sector might employ current design libraries, UI templates, and design tools built for Flutter. With so many options available, developers may focus less on design and more on providing users with a branded, intuitive, and efficient interface.

Given its uniqueness in the industry, this development platform is a great choice for your next car project. If you want to utilise Flutter to create your automotive app, you need get in touch with a mobile app development company that employs a capable flutter app developer.