Top 5 amazing camping sites near pune

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Top 5 amazing camping sites near pune

Staying in a massive metropolis like Pune can be exhausting at times, and we simply want to get away. There have been plenty of fantastic options avai

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Staying in a massive metropolis like Pune can be exhausting at times, and we simply want to get away. There have been plenty of fantastic options available, but what should you do if you only have INR 2000–4000 to spend? Let’s go camping! Why spend a fortune on a 5-star hotel for a weekend vacation from Pune when you can spend it under a million sparkling stars? There are a plethora of fantastic camping locations in Pune that will enhance your entire vacation. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about one of life’s most incredible experiences!

  • Velhe 

During nighttime camping near Pune, take a break and unwind at Velhe, and stare at the twinkling stars. Unwinding close to nature in a tranquil hamlet is fuel for the spirit just after the busyness of a big metropolis like Pune. Pune is 46 kilometres away. Activities include football, handball, and cricket, as well as archery, camp building, and campfires. The cost is estimated to be between INR 2000 and 3000 per day.

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Kambre is another lovely location adjacent to the Western Ghats’ natural splendour. It draws a large number of visitors looking for a relaxing vacation in the woods. There are large open lands and a variety of activities waiting for you when you arrive. You will undoubtedly feel invigorated while surrounded by a plethora of greenery and a plethora of flying birds! Pune is 51 kilometres away. Activities include outdoor games such as badminton, football, and volleyball, as well as nature hikes. The cost is estimated to be between INR 1000 and INR 2000 per day.

  • Pawna lake:

Pawna Lake is a great place to go for a weekend break and shoreline campsites near Pune. If you want to spend some alone time with yourself then go on a vacation with your beloved one, Pawna Lake is the place to go! Relax and refresh by having a shower in the lake’s waters. You can also swim, fish, and relax in the beautiful surroundings.

Make sure you light a bonfire under the stars at night. Get Pune quotes that are tailored to your needs. Pune is 54 kilometres away. Fishing, playing games, looking at the lake, and other activities are available. The cost is estimated to be between INR 1500 and 2500 per day.

  • Bhor:

Because Bhor is part of the Pune district, camping in Bhor is officially camping in Pune. As you rejuvenate away from the city’s commotion, inhale clean air & let the wind touch your skin. Many movies, including Chalte Chalte, Khakee, and Mangal Pandey, as well as Marathi TV soaps, have highlighted this wonderful setting. Pune is 54 kilometres away. Photography, bonfires, kayaking, skywalking, zorbing, white water rafting, cricket, soccer, volleyball, trekking, and BBQ are some of the activities available. The cost is estimated to be between INR 2000 and INR 5000 per day.

  • Lonavala:

Whenever we consider a great area to camp near Pune, Lonavala immediately comes to mind. Lonavla is a comfortable location from Pune but appears to be a universe away due to its larger canvas for adrenaline enthusiasts. You feel as if you’re in the lap of nature, surrounded by lush woodland, privacy, and glittering lakes. Furthermore, it is among the most popular adventure sports places in Pune and its environs. Pune is 66.5 kilometres away. Activities include a barbecue meal, a bonfire, waterfall rappelling, hiking, and a flying fox. The cost is estimated to be between INR 1500 and 3500 per day.

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  • Mahabaleshwar:

Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, another wonderful belt in a new way, have long been popular hill stations. Although the distance is only 100 kilometres, the ghats make the journey time-consuming. If you like strawberries, the wintertime and early summertime are perfect since you can view the strawberries gardens in full bloom. The mesmerising valley views from the twisting, narrow lanes are a visual feast.

Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar caters to people of all ages.Children can enjoy adventure sports such as rappelling, rock climbing, and zip-lining, while younger children can enjoy trekking, and you can even take home a variety of locally manufactured food goods such as jams, juice, and syrups! The Parsi Peak, Sydney Point, Venna Lake, and Lingmala Waterfall are the most popular sites, while half-day excursions include trips to Tapola or Pratapgarh. If you’re seeking lake campsites near Pune, these spots are ideal.


There are numerous campsites near pune which have green mountains.  Here you can feel fresh without any worries where you can forget about everything and can enjoy nature. By being in nature’s lap.