Why Istanbul Airport CIP Lounge is the Best Choice?


Are you stranded in traffic? Is your flight still in the air? Are you looking to embark on a new adventure? Do you become bored when you’re waiting for a flight? Globetrotters, business people, tourists, traveling families, and friends, whether you’re in transit or have just arrived at the airport, our doors are always open to all visitors to Turkey’s capital. To pass the time while traveling, you don’t have to wander aimlessly about the airport surroundings. You also don’t have to look for safe places to sleep before your journey.

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Istanbul Airport has built a sumptuous CIP lounge that serves to all economy class travelers in Istanbul Airport (IST), by providing you with elegance that exceeds your expectations.

The IGA LOUNGE is on the International Terminal after passport control.

The escalator near “LC Waikiki” Shop will take you to the IGA LOUNGE.

Experience the VIP lounge experience at Istanbul airport, from the helpful employees to the soothing ambiance to the numerous services. CIP lounge in Istanbul airport promises to give you with an uninterrupted stop at the airport.

So, after a long flight, stop by to shake off the sleepiness. Alternatively, you might recharge before the next one. 

IGA LOUNGE offers a variety of services.  

Would you like to go online? 

We recognize that poor signal strength and sluggish networks might stymie your business communications. As a result, Istanbul’s CIP lounge has a high-speed internet network. You can stay on top of your messages by connecting your digital devices to the lounge’s unique Wi-Fi.

You can also use our free Wi-Fi to view your favorite movie or series. Other passengers may use the internet to check their social media, binge-watch their favorite shows, or communicate with friends and relatives. A charging station for your electronic devices is provided.

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The Finest Dining Room

Have all of your travels made you hungry? Don’t be worried!

The CIP lounge has a delectable feast for you. To satiate such appetites, we’ve hired Istanbul’s greatest chefs. The menu features authentic Turkish cuisine as well as international delicacies. You can order meals from our restaurant service while relaxing in your suite. Alternatively, you can dine with the rest of the passengers in our dining area.  And finally, never worry about moving easily in Istanbul as the Istanbul Airport Shuttle Service can give you the best experience ever having different services with an enjoyable trip.