Learn How to Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome


Learn How to Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

In this article, we will discuss and learn how to use tab groups in Google Chrome and assemble them in a way. Are there too many tabs to cover your Ch

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In this article, we will discuss and learn how to use tab groups in Google Chrome and assemble them in a way. Are there too many tabs to cover your Chrome browser? Google has a solution to help organize all the tabs you have opened. The Tab Groups feature provides clean, color-coded labels for all of your tabs.

There are two types of people in the world – one cannot open multiple tabs and the other completely unchanged. No matter where you live on the web page, learning how to use groups of tabs in Google Chrome can shape your workflow. They are very easy to set up, and they make your life a lot easier if you jump between different activities at the same time.

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What Are Tab Groups?

Google has created groups of tabs to help you better customize your browser tabs in Chrome. They were designed to let you group tabs together. You can collect tabs by topic, urgency, progress, or any other way that suits your workflow. With your tabs organized into groups, you should focus more on the work you do. You will be able to find the information you need quickly and you will no longer need to blindly click on all your open tabs to try to find the one you need. At least, that’s the theory. Here’s how it works.

How to Get Google Chrome Tab Groups

For most users, this will be a two-step process. To see if the tab groups feature is on your device, open Chrome, right-click the Browser tab, and look for “Add tab to new group” in the drop-down. If you do not see this option, all you have to do is search the chrome: // flags in your address bar and look for the Groups tab option under Available Tests.

There are a few other new features like these in Beta mode, so if you have trouble finding the Groups tab option, try searching the page using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F on PC or Cmd + F on Mac. Once you have found Groups Tabs, select Enable in the drop-down menu. Make sure you select the Restart button in the right-hand corner. This will enable Tab Groups functionality the next time you open the Chrome browser.

How to use google chrome tab groups

From here, you should be able to create a new tab group and customize its name, coloring, and tabs that fit within your new or existing group. You can check this by opening a few different web pages and selecting “Add to new group” in the open tab. In the next pop-up, you will want to choose a group name and color. If you select only the color, the corresponding dot will appear in the selected tabs above the search bar. If you enter a name, the dot will disappear and be replaced with the group name. In addition to labeling your team, you will also have options for:

  • Set a new tab in the group
  • Divide the group
  • Close the group
  • Move the group to a new window

You can also add or move tabs to an existing group by right-clicking the tab you want to move and select “Add to existing group.” Or, you can select the tab itself and place it in the group you would like to move to. Now you know the basics for collecting tabs! This feature is especially useful if you are a person who has to jump between several different jobs at work.

Useful features like these are not the only way to stay organized and productive in both your personal and professional lives. Given the value we rely on our devices, it is also good to pair with a professional service provider who can handle all your residential or business IT needs. Computer Troubleshooter has locations throughout the U.S. available to help you stay connected.

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While the Google Chrome tab component feature is lacking in a few things — like being able to group groups — the Tab Groups feature is a great way to organize, compile, and label all the tabs you’ve opened in your browser. Contact your local technical expert to learn about computer upgrade and network security, Cloud enabled, and any other computer repair or custom repair services!

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