Top 5 Games to Play in Your Free Time


Top 5 Games to Play in Your Free Time

Every gamer is always looking for the best games that they can play without any disturbance, so here you can find the top 5 games for android & io

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Every gamer is always looking for the best games that they can play without any disturbance, so here you can find the top 5 games for android & ios. You can download and install it. Games are the most entertaining things in the world. You can play when you are free no matter what your profession is. Doesn’t matter what your age is. Just play it so you can relax from your busy life. It will entertain you more than other things. Here you will know about the top games that you can play when you are free. Everyday, Lots of game releases on the play store & app store. You’ve to choose the right one for you. But remember one thing, Addiction is a bad thing. You need to play it just for relaxation. You can download these games from play store & app store by just typing the name of the game. You can get the hint of how to play in the game inside. You just have to install the game on your device.

1. Free Fire

After the ban of PUBG, This game is trending around the world. Everyone plays this game because it is a very interesting game. It is very similar to the FreeFire game. Free Fire is the most downloaded game on the play store. Inside the game, players utilize the most characters, pets, guns, skins, and clothing. Because all of these items are frequently used in combat on the battlefield. Diamonds can be used to purchase strong things from the in-game market. This game is primarily played on mobile devices. However, some gamers prefer to keep themselves engaged by playing the game on a laptop. Free Fire is a little tricky to download on a laptop.

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2. BGMI – Battlegrounds Mobile India

The most popular mobile game of all time is BGMI. In over 100 countries, it became the most popular mobile game app. It featured a new battle royale premise in which players would land on an unknown island and struggle to be the first to reach the top. The space will gradually shrink, drawing the players closer together. After the ban of PUBG in India they launched a second version of the PUBG. It is called BGMI. There are lots of modes available for gamers to play this game. The list is limitless if you go through it. Mini zone mode, battle mode, and sniper mode are available in arcade mode. Both TPP (Third Person Perspective) and FPP (First Person Perspective) servers support all of these modes. The gun recoil is also rather realistic. The employment of numerous attachments substantially enhanced the aiming and firing of the guns. You’ll also receive a kill cam, which can assist you figure out whether there’s a hacker in the game.

3. Coin Master

This game will blow your mind. Millions of people play this game everyday to entertain themselves. This game provides you with virtual coins, That you can use in game to build your village or level up. There are lots of assets that you can use while building your village. You can also play this game with your social friends like Facebook. You can connect your facebook account with the Coin Master game. There is a slot machine that gives you various prizes for games. In order to spin the slot machine you have to collect spins. You can also get 50 free spins coin master from websites.

4. Clash of Cans (COC)

Clash of Clans is certainly one of the first games that springs to mind when people think of entertaining, thrilling, and fantastic strategy games. It’s a very engrossing action multiplayer strategy game that helped put Supercell on the map. You can play the COC game with your friends. Connect your Facebook account with the COC game so you can send requests to play to your Facebook friends. You can raid or attack your friend’s castle. Even though it appears to be a simple and casual strategy game, it still attracts a large number of players. As a result, it is still being downloaded and played today. You may also create a base, train troops, defend against enemies, and assault other bases in this game.

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5. Subway Surfers

You might know about this game because it is very popular in android & ios. Subway Surfers is an adventure & racing game on railway tracks. The trains coming & going. You’ve to survive to get prizes & make a high score every time. The game is fantastic with its simple gameplay principles, It was able to capture the hearts of millions of people when it was first published, and it is still among the top 10 mobile games in the world. This is one of our list’s oldest mobile games. You can also play this game offline, Yes there is no need for mobile data. You can simply download & install the game on your mobile. Open the game and hit the play button. You can also select and play with cool avatars, and weekly hunts earn a variety of benefits.

Final Thought

I know you read the complete article, If you like any of the games you can download & install to your mobile or pc. Games are the best thing to relax yourself from stress & busy life. If you have any query related to this game you can comment below. You can also share this article to your friends so they can also know about the popular game. Thank you for visit our website.

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