How exercise prevents the brain from shrinking?


How exercise prevents the brain from shrinking?

"Healthy spirit in a healthy body." We often have a positive impact on the mental abilities of a person of physical exercise that claim using this vie

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“Healthy spirit in a healthy body.” We often have a positive impact on the mental abilities of a person of physical exercise that claim using this view. This view is actually a Roman comedy writer should pray that juuynal said in the second century AD that a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

However, it is true that the body healthy, can help maintain mental faculties of our mind to stay balanced and keep exercising? It is true, and there are also scientific evidence was found to prove that it is also a significant effect on the increase in age.

The brain shrinks with increasing age

As our age increases the capacity of tissues and organs in our body starts to decrease. Reduced ability to work with cells and tissues seem to be less well. Our brain capacity is too low, because our nerves are weak with time and loss of connections.

Whether they are seems to decreased mental capacity with a reduction in Alzheimer’s disease or movement ability, age and changes in the brain may also affect other physiological functions. These changes include shrinkage of kurtykl area of the brain, neuronal damage to tissues of gray bodies and nerve conduction, increasing the volume of uyntryklz and the lack of connections.

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A study several years, in which hundreds of people participate voluntarily, in the knowledge that a lack of capacity in proportion with the increase in volume of cerebral uyntrykl age. This is called the ’empty’ part of the brain. This is due to the weakness of the brain and neuro dyjynrysn.

“Exercise, better memory,

If the body’s ability to decrease in brain volume reduction means we have better use of energy through physical exercise can say that it can slow the loss of tissue in the brain. It is not easy to answer. The reason for this is that the judge any method used to improve the brain’s ability to quickly assess the results is difficult because it is almost impossible.

The human brain does not like blood or phtun that any changes will be immediately evident or there is no clear way to measure this. The good news is that it can now be seen clearly in some parts of the brain due to current best practices in imaging.

We have about the mental capacity to exercise for a long time that there are better and there is evidence that increasing the volume of certain parts of the brain. In the example 2011, the US National Academy of Sciences paper (PNAS), a study published in the exercise that was growing volume of that part of the brain that is reserved for memory Is.

The study of physical activity in older people prove that it can also be prevented by reducing the volume of the part of the brain. In addition, in a study to know the effects of physical exercise on the brains of elderly people. It is known that physical exercise in people who are prone to degradation dyjynrysn or with the general aging immune.

When we think about the different parts of your body as we think, and is working every muscle itself. If there is a problem in our liver, we pay attention to it, and if there is any problem in our kidneys, we pay attention to it. However, our body does not work like that, but in the interconnectedness of all the members and are dependent on each other.

That is why, when we have problems in the kidney goes to the heart of the severity of symptoms, mental disorder or cerebral scheme may be due to liver disease. Omar said the body of complex systems with the progression is quite delicate. When we exercise we can force us to put more energy to the cells in your body so that the pressure medium.

This means that nutrients reach phtun the store. Physical changes to combat this pressure is called hurmysz they are necessary. Delete muscle substance in hurmysz stages of increasing energy demand is way to inform other members.

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This substance is called mayyukynz and other organs where it is delivered are released into our blood. Some of them reach mayyukynz brain connections where it increases the ability to be able to further strengthen the contacts to be able to establish new contacts or earlier.

To mayyukynz is called a BD NFC those who connect to the connections is extremely important and keeps them active. This is a very simple example of how brain volume, which can be maintained through physical exercise that can tell you this.

On the other hand, it is better blood flow through physical exercise and increased oxygen to the body. It has a positive effect on mental ability. The research also shows that it is balanced exercise are the effects that anti-inflammatory effects on the brain may slow Alzheimer’s or dmynsya example.

Direct and indirect scientific evidence it is clear that due to exercise with aging may slow decline in mental ability. Why should refrain from affordable passive lifestyle so we can not only in life but also more years of life in those years.

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