2022’s Best Bluetooth Trackers


2022’s Best Bluetooth Trackers

You might be wondering what a Bluetooth tracker is and why you might need one before we get into the actual product suggestions. A Bluetooth tracker i

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You might be wondering what a Bluetooth tracker is and why you might need one before we get into the actual product suggestions. A Bluetooth tracker is a little device that you can use to keep track on items you don’t want to lose. They connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth and feature additional sensors that allow you to see the item’s location on a map.

But that’s all part of the magic. When you purchase an Apple Air Tag or a Tile tracker, you become part of a large community of consumers. When the tracker is out of Bluetooth range, you can identify it as “lost” and enlist the help of other users to locate it. This feature isn’t available on all trackers, so it’s something to think about.

In a nutshell, Bluetooth trackers are similar to sci-fi movie “homing beacons.” Simply attach it to something and you’ll be able to track its location. If it gets too far away, you should be able to rely on the network of other users to help you locate it.

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Tile Mate is the best Bluetooth tracker.

The Tile Mate is the finest Bluetooth tracker for most people. (However, if you’re a fan of the Apple ecosystem, you should check out the Apple Air Tag.) You’ve most likely heard of Tile, which is one of the reasons we recommend this tracker. There are a variety of Tile models available at various price ranges, but the Mate is the most affordable.

The Tile Mate has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon after over 28,000 reviews, so it’s safe to assume that customers are pleased. It has a lot of positive aspects. To begin, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Your Tile will operate with whichever device you’re using.

Tile claims that the Mate has a range of 200 feet on the technical side. In the actual world, you’ll probably get a little less than that, but it’s still quite nice. What occurs once you left that range is one of Tile’s biggest advantages.

When you disconnect from the Tile Mate, the Tile app will display its last known location. If that doesn’t work, you can designate it as “Lost” and enlist the help of Tile’s enormous userbase to locate it. This ability is only attainable due to Tile’s widespread popularity, which makes it difficult to compete with.

A user-replaceable CR1632 coin battery powers the Tile Mate. You can obtain free yearly battery changes with Tile’s $3-per-month Premium subscription, but a 5-pack on Amazon costs roughly $6. The biggest advantage of the Premium subscription is that you will receive notifications when your Tile disconnects from your phone.

Tile Sticker is the best Bluetooth tracker for the money.

Tile provides the Tile Sticker if you’re searching for something a little smaller or a little less expensive. In several aspects, this device differs from the Tile Mate. It is, first and foremost, extremely small. The Sticker measures 27mm in width and 7.3mm in thickness.

The “Sticker” gets its name from the fact that it sticks to things with an adhesive coating and is small enough to go unnoticed. The Sticker’s connectivity range is limited to 150 feet due to its size. The speaker that makes a noise when you’re looking for it is also a little quieter.

A single battery lasts around three years in the Sticker, however it is not user changeable. One advantage is that it is waterproof. Aside from those differences, the Tile Mate offers the same functionality in a smaller form. A single Sticker will set you back $30, while a two-pack will set you back $55.

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Apple Air Tag is the best Bluetooth tracker for iPhone.

While the Tile Mate works with iPhones and iPads, there are some compelling reasons to choose the Apple Air Tag over the Tile Mate. The most important reason is the previously mentioned crowdsourcing capability. Tile had over 80% of the Bluetooth tracker market before the Air Tag was released.

Tile was the obvious choice if you needed to rely on other users for assistance. Because Apple’s Air Tags are integrated with the company’s Find My network, millions of iPhones and iPads across the world can now assist you in finding your belongings.

They don’t even need an Air Tag or to install anything in order to do it. Even Tile would struggle to compete with that. The Air Tag operates in a similar way to Tile products in terms of technology.

It’s similar in size and price, and the battery can be replaced. Apple has a lot more accessories, and if you have a recent iPhone, the “Precision Finding” feature can employ Ultra-Wideband technology to find the tracker more accurately.

In general, if you’re an Apple customer and intend to continue that way, there’s no reason not to get an Air Tag. It’ll do everything the Tile does, but it’ll be better integrated with your other gadgets. Air Tags are $29 per or $99 for a four-pack.

Chi polo ONE is the best Bluetooth tracker alternative to Tile.

It’s difficult to recommend anything else when both Tile trackers and Apple Air Tags have such vast networks for finding your lost items. However, if popularity isn’t important to you, the Chi polo ONE is a good choice. With a spherical body and more color possibilities, the Chi polo ONE provides the same functionality as the Tile Mate.

It has the same 200-foot range and is powered by replaceable CR2032 coin batteries, which can be found for a reasonable price on Amazon. Chi polo has a significant advantage over the other Tile trackers in that it provides free warnings when the tracker is out of range. To get it with Tile, you’ll need the $3 Premium subscription.

The aforementioned crowdsourcing features are the one major drawback. Other Chi polo users won’t be able to assist you in finding your belongings. One Chi polo ONE will set you back $25. For $30, the business also sells a credit card-sized tracker.

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Tile Pro is the best premium Bluetooth tracker.

All of the trackers we’ve discussed so far have been reasonably priced, but the Tile Pro offers some upgrades if you’re prepared to spend a little more. Although the Tile Pro is somewhat larger and thicker than the Mate, their form and design are identical.

The extended connectivity range is the major reason you might want to go with the Pro. The Pro is said to have a range of 400 feet. Even though real-world usage is expected to be less than that, you’re looking at a distance of much over 200 feet.

Tile also claims that the Mate’s audible locating ring is louder. Aside from that, it has essentially the same characteristics as the original. The battery is changeable and water-resistant, and it’s the same as the Apple Air Tag (CR2032). If you prefer a color other than white, it is also available in black, red, and blue.

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