Why was it necessary to invent the mobile phone ?

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Why was it necessary to invent the mobile phone ?

Some of the inventions that have come to light in recent years have changed our world as much as mobile or cell phones, especially the world of the 4.

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Some of the inventions that have come to light in recent years have changed our world as much as mobile or cell phones, especially the world of the 4.78 billion people on the planet who have a mobile phone in their hands today. Are Such a large number of users is astonishing in that less than half a century has passed since the first use of mobile phones in the world. The first call on a mobile phone was made in 1973 in New York by engineer Martin Cooper, also known as the ‘father of mobile phones’.

People thought the incident was a science fiction, a fictional story, because we’ve been tied to a home or office phone by a wire for over a hundred years. Were But our thinking was that man is basically a moving creature and people want to be connected to each other wherever they are. So we had to build one such device (or device). This has never happened before, and we had to make this device within three months.

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A big change

The device that Martin Cooper used was said to be a small handheld device called a ‘communicator’. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. However, Martin Cooper says that the first thing that really made him think about this possibility was the wrist radio used by detective Dick Tracy in a comedy American cartoon series. The protagonist of a popular 1931 series, Inspector Dick Tracy, used to carry strange devices such as mobile phones.

“Before mobile phone, when you call, you used to call somewhere, but now when you call from mobile phone, you want to talk to someone. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. The device unveiled by Cooper and colleagues at the Hilton Hotel in New York in April 1973 was very different in shape from the thin C-device used by Star Trek characters and not like Dick Tracy’s watch.

Nor was it like the mobile on the screen of which you are currently reading this article. The device was about two inches wide and 4 inches long and weighed close to 500 grams (half a kilo), and you could only talk about it for 20 minutes, after which it would run out of battery. People were laughing at the device, but it was the best device of all time. ”


Marty Cooper was then working for the American company Motorola, a small name in the US communications market at the time. “We used to say that the day will come when every human being will be given a phone number and that number will remain with that person till death.

We knew that in the future, everyone would have a telephone. But what we didn’t realize was that the phone of the future would have a supercomputer, a digital camera, and the Internet, (because) in 1973, some of them It didn’t even exist. ‘

In the race to invent the mobile phone and the competition was less severe

It was June 3, 1973, when Cooper made his first call on New York’s famous Sixth Avenue. “We were walking down the street at the time and talking to a radio station reporter. I had no idea who I was going to make (the first call). So I got the number of one of my counterparts in the American Telephone and Telegraph, Joel Angel. Remember that at that time AT&T was a big name not only in the United States but also in the world of communication.

Motorola’s budget was much smaller than that of a large company. So what did Cooper say to Angel in his first call? “I dialed his number and it was a miracle that he picked up the phone. So I greeted him and said, ‘I’m talking to Marty Cooper and I’m calling you from a cellular (mobile) phone. Are holding a tool at hand that can take you where you want, and this is my personal phone.

Apparently the same but not the same

In those days, even a big company like AT&T was thinking about what the phone of the future should look like. He developed a revolutionary technology, the cellular technology, in which telephone calls are passed through a network of opposite cells, and this technology uses radio frequency.

Until then, your phone must have been connected to your home or office via a wire. But cellular technology will make it possible for you to make phone calls while walking. But AT&T thought it would install new phones in cars, as it thinks such phones will be the best in the future. It was not in his mind that in future people would carry phones in their hands.

AT & T believes will be the most advanced phone of the future, which began in. But it was Motorola’s young men who proved that AT&T’s thinking was wrong. Cooper says that his friend Angel from AT&T thought that the phone line should be lengthened and connected to the car, but we thought it was nonsense for the phone companies to tie us to cars.

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Elephant and ant fight

Cooper and his team knew that AT&T was trying to persuade the Federal Communications Commission to give them all the radio frequency rights for future mobile phones so that millions of users would be connected to them. Had by then installed cellular technology phones in their vehicles.

But Motorola knew that if AT&T got all the rights, Motorola would lose the possibility of using any network in the United States in the future. Cooper says AT&T was the largest company in the world at the time. He was putting two of his own men with each commissioner of the communications department so that the commissioner would have all the rights reserved for him.

In 2009, Mr. Cooper was awarded a prestigious award in science and technology by the Prince of Spain. Cooper learned that Motorola needed something powerful to convince communications officials. Motorola had to show officers what the world of communications would look like in the future. That is, it was necessary for the company to make a mobile phone.

“We had 20 people who were just happy to create a new phone, they were working day and night. But let’s not forget that in addition to making phones, we also had to build radio stations and sales. Twenty, thirty people were also engaged in the work, while the rest were preparing for the exhibition in New York. All of them had only three months. Motorola’s management was paying them a lot of money, but it was a big challenge.

Toys of the rich

When Cooper arrived at the big show, he had two models of mobile phones. He feared that if one did not work, the other should have been set. But not many journalists came to the event, maybe only fifteen or twenty. Those that seemed clearly did not pay much attention to us.

But once we made it to the new phone so they went to talk to her, through which a phone, you can talk to every corner of the world. ” There was also an Australian journalist, he asked his mother whether she could suit our phone. We said you can not, In my heart, we were praying that no garb be, but I have spoken to journalists of his mother, and she was very happy. ”

However, even after several years when the project of President Ronald Reagan’s case the guarantee took his hand and caretaker company Motorola, the company should also radio network can use. Finally the day came when the year 1983 brought the first Motorola mobile market. “Most people think that they will ever be able to buy this type of phone. It cost over  4,000 and the service was terribly expensive. That’s why in the beginning, the mobile phone was just a toy for the rich. ”

A shit that always dreams

One of the most popular mobile phones introduced by Motorola at the beginning was what people called ‘shofone’ or shoe-like phones. Cooper explains that he named the model “Dynamite”, which is an acronym for “Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage”. At a party in 2007, years after the invention of the model, the chairman of Motorola jokingly started calling the Dyna Tech 8000.

“What was hidden inside Dyna Tech was my dream of what the best mobile phone in the world should be. A phone that you can use wherever you want, that is not affected by the weather, and that you can talk to someone as if there is no distance between the two of you. “We haven’t got all these things yet, but we’re very close. This means that the dreamer must have some benefit.

Martin Cooper says that the changes he has made in our lives since his creation were realized a few years later, when some other models of mobile phones came on the market, compared to us, when there were long queues of buyers. It started, and when I found out that the number of mobile phones in third world countries has exceeded the number of phones in homes and offices.

“It simply came to our notice then. Ask Cooper what he earned from his invention, to which he replies, “As far as satisfaction goes, I’ve made a lot, and if I talk about money, I haven’t made that much. “When I started working for Motorola, I signed a document stating that everything I created would be owned by the company. They gave me a million dollars. “It was a great deal. Motorola treated me very well and the rest of the world has always been kind to me.

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A better world

Today, when it seems that you can do whatever you want with your mobile phone, some basic things have been overlooked. “The industry’s emphasis has been on selling this unique product as much as possible, but the mobile phone network is not yet strong,” says Amjad, a mobile phone giant. When you can’t make a call, you can’t connect the phone, because the capacity of the system is low.

Net present technology to increase network capacity, may issue, and the funny thing is that you can digest any money from this technology, but still strong, in mobile phones that talk the uniqueness can be created. Marty Cooper is now in his nineties and now lives in the state of California. They are still working today and they are always happy to invent new devices. His dream is to make a phone that is small enough for you to attach it to your ear with a clip.

They also want to make a phone call that will allow you to have a medical examination so that we can know what is going on in our body before we get any disease, which could lead to a major illness in the future. Is.’ “I will give you an example. Heart attack is a major cause of death in Western countries. And we know that early detection can cause you to have a seizure, because fluid builds up in your lungs before a heart attack. ”

“From the market you can buy a patch that you put on your breast and it tells you how much water is in your stomach. You can connect this monitor to your mobile phone. That way, you can detect a heart attack six hours in advance and save yourself a pill. “The scope of this thing you can spread to many other diseases,” Cooper said, giving us an idea of ​​a better world.