The Various Types Of Silk And How To Determine Quality


The Various Types Of Silk And How To Determine Quality

Here are some of the best tips to choose the best Various Types Of Silk. Let’s start with the first tip. Fabrics are the finishing touch to your inter

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Here are some of the best tips to choose the best Various Types Of Silk. Let’s start with the first tip. Fabrics are the finishing touch to your interior design, if you are revamping your home read these customer reviews about Made Trade for the perfect furniture for your new look. Silk is a wonderful fabric that adds an air of luxury and opulence to your space. If you are planning to purchase silk in the coming months, it is best to educate yourself on the number of silks that are available as well as how quality is measured. At the very least, it is rather helpful to know these Various Types Of Silk:

The Various Types Of Silk

One of the most common types of silk is charmeuse silk and can be found in everything from dresses to bedding. This form of silk has a natural elasticity and is lightweight, which makes it ideal in the use of pillowcases, sheets, and other forms of bedding. The front of this fabric has that gorgeous satin sheen while the back is typically dull.

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Charmeuse is a cultivated silk, meaning that the silkworms have been farmed for their silk. The highest quality of Various Types Of Silk is mulberry silk and is generally used in all forms of bedding. The vast majority of mulberry silk is simply charmeuse silk that was specifically cultivated from a specific type of silk worm which is fed a strict diet.

The silkworm that produces mulberry silk is the Bombyx mori and it loves the taste of mulberry tree leaves. This specific type of silk worm has been breed in captivity for over 5,000 years! The overall quality of breeding and mulberry tree leaf diet ensures that this is the finest silk available on the market today.

Tussah Silk is a form of silk that is cultivated from silk worms that have not been breed. Due to the fact that these worms are not specifically breed or feed a strict diet, this form of silk is generally not as soft or durable as cultivated silk. Additionally, the majority of this silk is produced in India as opposed to China. Another common silk that is used in the production of bedding is Habotai Silk.

While Habotai Silk is less expensive than charmeuse, it is also much less durable, This type of silk is washed with sand in an effort to make it feel as soft as charmeuse. However, this type of washing method also destroys the integrity of the silk fibers, ruining the life of the fabric.

Dupioni Silk is a very durable form of silk, however, it is not best when used with bedding. While it can be used in duvets, the quality does not work well enough to maintain a comfortable temperature. The lower quality of this silk is due to the use of silk that is produced from irregular cocoons that are of much lower quality than typically found in charmeuse silk.

Now that you now that mulberry silk is the best possible silk on the market, you need to understand about something known as “Momme Weight”. Pronounced as “mummy”, the momme weight is a basic measurement on the weight of the silk. The Japanese developed this term and measurement and is also used in the measurement of pearls.

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In order to calculate the momme weight, you will need a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. If this fabric is 12 pounds, the momme weight of the fabric is 12. Of course, this is not something you can do for yourself while you are shopping for silk, but it is generally listed on the labels and descriptions from the manufacturer. The type of silk plays an important role in the momme weight.

For example, you will typically find that habotai silk has a momme weight of between 5 and 15 while charmeuse typically features a weight between 12 to 30. If you are searching for bedding, it is best to find a momme weight of at least a 14. ElleSilk feature a number of bedding sets that feature a momme weight of a least 22. In many cases, you will rarely see bedding at a higher momme.