Vaginal discharge: What is leukorrhea ?


Vaginal discharge: What is leukorrhea ?

If the fluid is coming from inside the body, it should not be treated by frequent washing, but by regular examination and treatment. In women, vaginal

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If the fluid is coming from inside the body, it should not be treated by frequent washing, but by regular examination and treatment. In women, vaginal discharge or leukorrhea is a necessary process. If it (moisture) is clear like egg white, has no smell and comes a few days before menstruation, then it is normal, but when its daily amount is more than two milliliters, it wets your underwear. If it smells, itches, you must see a doctor. who was trying to explain to us in simple words an issue related to women’s reproductive health, which has always been difficult for women to talk about.

First I would like to give some background

Like me, while passing through various streets, you must have seen some advertisements on the walls and in the inside pages of newspapers about ‘hidden’ diseases of women, ‘certain cures’ for gynecological diseases, ‘eradication’ of leukorrhea and so on. Similar sentences are written.

Irrespective of the claims made in the advertisements, the sensation of the sentences written in them ruined the entire childhood, while the girls with the problem kept whispering that they don’t know what Liguria is called, which is also called hidden and that Walls across the city are also filled with the marketing of the treatment.

What is the effect on the mind of girls experiencing vaginal discharge or leukorrhea in such an environment and why is it so difficult to talk about this health issue?
Women should consult a doctor if the discharge is continuous throughout the month who has not only been suffering from leukorrhea since puberty, but has also been reluctant to discuss it as it is considered a taboo subject.

“I was quite young when I had this problem,” she says. As a child, I didn’t understand what it was. God willing, not a big disease. When I saw writing on the walls to get rid of the disease of leucorrhoea, it was found that it is a disease and its name is leukorrhea. Samina Shahid is now a married woman but like many girls, she could not get proper guidance on the problem of vaginal discharge that started in adolescence.

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In my childhood, my clothes used to get damaged. Didn’t even know what to do. Then various types of medication were discovered by adults. Different tips are known. By this time I had told the house that I had to get her treated. Then there was a woman in the neighborhood who used to make medicine and give it, but I didn’t care about that either.

“As long as the fluid is clear, like egg white, and two milliliters a day, it’s normal.” Dr. Nabia Tariq, Head of the Department of Gynecology and Reproductive Health at a private hospital, said that vaginal secretions are very important for the internal cleaning of the vagina.

These secretions released a few days before menstruation are called ‘physiological discharge’ in medical language. This vaginal discharge usually occurs a few days before menstruation or mid-cycle. As long as the secretions are clear, like egg whites, and amount to one to two milliliters per day, this is normal. There is no smell in it and it does not cause discharge problems in marital relations. Dr. Nabia Tariq said that vaginal secretions are very important for the internal cleaning of the vagina.

Even so, the matter seems simple and easy and now surely many women will not need to worry, but when does leukorrhea become a problem and why is it so difficult to talk about it? For this we come back to Samina, for whom this issue of reproductive health became part of her daily life instead of a few days. Samina says that this discharge from time to time affected her daily routine.

There is no specific time for this, it will happen anytime. A big problem is that you are performing ablution and praying. Clothes get dirty. Then, when it is time to go for a walk, the clothes get dirty. Feeling bad while walking. You clean your clothes when you are at home but you can’t do it outside. Sometimes it becomes more and sometimes less. But it never ends.

Samina and many girls like her face numerous problems due to infection in the vaginal discharge for natural cleaning, but due to lack of awareness, they do not know that the color of vaginal discharge is different. How important it is to monitor quantity and smell. Itching in and around the vagina as soon as the water comes out is an infection. According to Dr. Nabiah, it is not uncommon for these fluids found in the genital tract to develop infection or pathology. It is usually said by women that they have a water complaint.

Dr. Nabiah says that women should be concerned about vaginal discharge when:

  • The amount of vaginal discharge should be more than one to two milliliters per day.
  • There will be a discharge of fluid throughout the month and it will smell bad.
  • There is itching in the vagina and around it as the water comes out.
  • At the time of intercourse with the husband, the marital relationship should become painful.
  • If the color of this water is white and like curdled milk, it is a sign of fungal infection.
  • If the color of this fluid is grayish black and there is severe itching.

Malki white discharge can make intercourse with husband painful

According to Dr. Nabia Tariq, there are naturally bacteria in the vagina, but the infection caused by the growth of these bacteria is the most common among women, the treatment of which is easy and quick, but women do not talk about it due to shame or hesitation. And then it becomes painful in the marital relationship. If the discharge is milky white or milky, this is a bacterial vaginosis (an overgrowth of natural bacteria found in the vagina) infection, which is very common in women. It does not itch but is thin like milk.

Women do not even tell that they have milky white discharge due to shame or hesitation. She takes it as normal, but when she has intercourse with her husband, the mixture of male and female secretions creates a foul odor. There is a regular treatment for it and women should get it. These secretions released a few days before menstruation are called ‘physiological discharge’ in medical language.

For treatment, it is necessary for the doctor to take a history and examine you. It is not that you verbally tell the doctor that the water falls and give the medicine. Each discharge has a different type of medication and there are some discharges in which both the husband and wife have to take medication at the same time and abstain from intercourse so that the infection of both ends. Dr. Nabiah also said that because the secretions are coming from inside the body, it should not be treated by frequent washing but by regular check-ups and treatment along with good hygiene habits.

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Leukorrhea problem also affects mental health

Samina’s leukorrhea, which started at the age of puberty, was not cured even after marriage and she felt embarrassed many times during her married life. “The problem of licorice also has a negative impact on mental health,” she says. If the smell of this discharge becomes strong, one starts to feel ashamed of oneself. If the clothes suddenly get damaged while sitting, there is helplessness and discomfort in oneself as to what is happening.

Samina says that I could not talk about it for a long time and was in fear. In the same way, girls will also live in fear for this reason, so it is important to talk about it and give proper awareness. I did medication and did all kinds of tricks and now there is Google. So, instead of worrying about it, girls should not hesitate to take proper guidance. I hope you Reade must be 6 Tips for Managing Your Teen’s Online Privacy and Safety.

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