Twitter launches ‘Spark’ program to popularize audio spaces


Twitter has further explained the Spark program in a blog post about the funding of audio creators on Twitter space. Twitter is introducing a new program to popularize its Space Live Audio feature, Named ‘Spark’. The program aims to expand the Space tab, bring the app’s broadcast to as many people as possible, and support creative audio talent. Twitter has released more information about the program in a blog post to fund audio creators on Twitter space. The Twitter Spaces Spark program is a three-month accelerator initiative aimed at identifying users who host quality conversations on Twitter, as well as encouraging them through financial rewards, but also providing high technical and marketing support. Made to do.

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Twitter added that social media platforms are looking for emerging creators who are passionate about live social audio formats and interested in programming on the Twitter space on a regular basis. Other social media platforms have already introduced this type of accelerator program for their creators, with Clubhouse and Snap Chat topping the list. All major platforms are now working to provide more support for creators so that these programs can keep creators on their platforms and make their platforms more popular using their best capabilities. Twitter’s Spark program will pay 2,500 a month to selected participants, along with advertising credits. They will also be able to connect with the space development team and gain quick access to new features.

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Twitter will also be able to promote their broadcasts through its brand handles and introduce projects to boost their space. On the other hand, keeping in mind the growing trend of live audio feature, Facebook is also continuing to develop its audio broadcast tools. To be eligible to participate in Phase 1 of the Twitter Space Spark program, the user must be based in the United States and have more than 5,000 followers. The user will also need to host at least two Twitter space conversations a week. To apply, you must complete the form by October 22, 2021 and submit it to Twitter. Selected applicants will be notified of the selection in early November.