The Simple Way To Tanning At Planet Fitness


The Simple Way To Tanning At Planet Fitness

Did you know that hundreds of individuals visit Planet Fitness every day prepared to work out? This is due to the fact that the gym is crowded with fi

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Did you know that hundreds of individuals visit Planet Fitness every day prepared to work out? This is due to the fact that the gym is crowded with fitness enthusiasts who are there to teach their buddies the ropes. Despite the large number of participants at the workout, not all of them are wise when it comes to using the tanning bed.

Not every tanning bed is the same! If you look attentively, you’ll see that some have far more color than others. They release different amounts of UVA light depending on the type of tanning bed.  There is a good news—there is an app for it! Now, you can use your smartphone or tablet to check tanning beds against health and safety requirements. This post is for you if you are the owner of a neighborhood gym or fitness facility.

You know, just like in any other company, some members might not feel comfortable visiting the gym and exposing themselves to possible health concerns. If a tanning bed doesn’t suit their particular requirements, they won’t utilize it and would prefer to use a sauna or steam room instead.

At Planet Fitness, how to Tanning Select a quality tanning bed

You already know that not all tanning beds at gyms and fitness centers are created equal. The good news is that you can now use the app on your smartphone or tablet to choose the tanning bed you want. Each tanning bed’s UVA and UVB strength, as well as its capacity to identify health dangers including skin cancer, will be disclosed in the app’s information.

Additionally, it informs you of any automated shut-off features and the volume of usage over the previous year. You may also check to see whether new safety measures have been  added in the last 12 months! Members can use this app to check on the safety of their workout area and ensure that everyone who uses it is safe.

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Before utilizing a particular bed personally, a member can easily use their phone or tablet to check it against health and safety requirements if they notice a potential health concern. Verify that your tanning bed complies with health and safety requirements. Ask your gym to add one to their website if they don’t already have one so that customers can compare any new beds they bring in to these requirements.

Use sunscreen if necessary

Humans can get skin cancer, other cancers, and skin damage from the UVA and UVB radiation emitted by tanning beds. Therefore, it is even more crucial for members to protect their skin when using tanning beds at their gym or fitness center, just like it is with any other sort of light.

This is why every time you use a tanning bed at your gym or fitness center, we advise applying a sunscreen with a high SPF rating (at least SPF 50)! Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can be harmful in places other than tanning beds, so it’s always a good idea to be cautious and take precautions when you are in the outdoors or even at home!

Make sure you use your tanning bed sparingly

As was already said, tanning beds can result in cancer, other disorders, and skin damage. Therefore, it’s crucial that members only use their tanning beds in moderation and when they are getting plenty of sunlight! Ask your gym to clarify the differences between overexposure and underexposure if you have any queries about this (as well as the health risks associated with each).

We advise members to begin with no more than one or two sessions per week and gradually increase that number until they are using them every day.
Check your membership fees to see if there are any discounts or deals for tanning beds. Members should be aware of all of these health hazards associated with tanning beds so they can choose them wisely while visiting their gym or fitness center.

It’s always a good idea for members to check out this page if they want more information on this issue since our website includes a tone of material about how UV light affects the human body as well as advice on how to ensure you are getting enough light from the sun to prevent skin cancer!

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What Kinds Of Tanning Beds Are There?

The most popular kind of tanning bed is this one. It has a UVA/UVB filter that can filter out the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation. The filter is typically found at the top or in the center of the tanning bed. Beds in a U shape.

These are mattresses with a U-shaped bend so you can lie completely flat and get tan. They are excellent if you want to unwind while reading a book with your feet up and getting a tan. Check out our website for more information. There are various types of beds with various intensities and features, but they all share this U-shaped curve. System for the Ring Tanning Bed (RTBS)

This is a brand-owned by Planet Fitness! The Ring Tanning Bed System, or RTBS, is a cutting-edge technique to use technology to make tanning more convenient for members. An electronic control unit (ECU) that manages the power settings and an automatic timer that consistently ensures your session starts at the right moment are both included in RTBS.

These two items work in tandem to ensure that your tan lasts as long as you want it to, without any misunderstandings or errors! All sunbed kinds, including Full Body, U-shaped, and even portable sunbeds like those found at Walmart or Target, can be used with RTBS! As previously noted, RTBS can be used with portable sunbeds,


It’s true that working out in a gym can be quite beneficial. People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to congregate there and begin moving. The only issue is that some people won’t feel confident going up naked. It’s crucial to be informed of the policies of your neighborhood gym because of this. Ask a trainer at the gym if you are unsure of where to begin.

  • Are there tanning beds at Planet Fitness?
  • Absolutely! We have tanning beds available anywhere we go.
  • Do I have to be completely clothed to use the tanning beds?
  • No. While using the tanning beds, you may wear a swimsuit or only your underwear.

How much time must pass before I use the tanning bed?

Before getting into bed, you should wait at least 20 minutes after applying sunscreen and consulting the personnel at your gym.

What sort of sunscreen is appropriate for use in tanning beds?

Any type of sunscreen is OK. We advise against using a self-tanner because doing so while using a sunbed or sun light can be harmful to your skin.

Q: Does Planet Fitness provide spray tans?

A: Spray tans cost $10.00 per session and are offered at our locations.