The desire of man to be immortal which jellyfish might ever fulfill

Immortal which jellyfish might ever fulfill

The idea of ​​evading death has always fascinated human beings. Man has tried everything to become immortal, from religion, to distant planets, to the science of freezing the body, to the imaginary springs of everlasting youth. While we were exploring the dust of the heavens, science and all corners of the world, the secret of immortality was floating in the sea somewhere around us. The secret was in the form of jellyfish.

When we think of jellyfish, the image that comes to our mind is the second stage of its life which is called ‘Medusa’. At this stage of life, jellyfish pass through a blurred floating balloon with many dings. Jellyfish begin their life with larvae, which are small creatures in the shape of cigars and float everywhere in the water. They are looking for some hard rock to stick to.

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These larvae transform into a ‘pulp’ when they are completely attached to a rock or other solid object, which changes them. Soon their numbers increase tremendously and many of them become colonies. Some pulps look like bushes. After a while, when they find favorable conditions, they begin to flourish in large numbers and then small jellyfish emerge from these polyps.

The beginning of Jellyfish’s life is not very surprising but its death is definitely the stage where the situation becomes very interesting. When the immortal jellyfish Medusa dies, its body drowns and falls to the sea floor and begins to thaw. Surprisingly, its cells begin to regenerate.

It is not a new medusa but a pulp. These polyps give birth to new jellyfish. In this way new jellyfish are born from the carcass of the jellyfish but this time they are born without going through the larval stage. “It was a shocking discovery for all of us,” said Dr. Lisa Ann Gershon, a researcher on jellyfish in Tasmania. This is one of the most wonderful discoveries of our time. ”

It is not the only immortal jellyfish that emerges from its own remains. In 2011, a marine biology student in China placed moon jellyfish in a tank. When the jellyfish died, he put it in another tank. After three months, a pulp appeared on the moon jellyfish. This process of resurrection has now been observed in five species of jellyfish.

The question is, what good is a jellyfish other than an immortal? Why does she do that? This means that when she grows old or becomes weak as a result of an illness or a threat, she uses her amazing survival system. As soon as the process of resurrection begins, the parachute-like part and sting above it begin to melt. They re-form into polyps and begin to form new jellyfish.

This process of jellyfish dying and resurrection can continue again and again. Part of the experience that jellyfish go through during this time is called cellular differentiation. In this process, the cells change from one type to another and begin to follow a completely different physical plan.

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Although Dr. Gershwin says he has not yet seen a link between jellyfish and human immortality, this does not mean that it is not possible to establish a genetic link in the future. Did you know that through some jellyfish genes, we all become ‘doctors’ and whenever we get tired of ourselves, we come out in a new form?