React Native vs React Js What are the key differences


React Native vs React Js What are the key differences

React.js was designed by Facebook to satisfy its requirements for a fast and high performance user interface(UI). In the year 2011, Jordan Walke and h

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React.js was designed by Facebook to satisfy its requirements for a fast and high performance user interface(UI). In the year 2011, Jordan Walke and his team from Facebook published React JS, which was the React JS library, a JavaScript library that combined its speed with JavaScript and a novel method of rendering webpages which resulted in a flexible and fluid user input. In 2015, just two years after they open the source of React.js and it gained popularity the team released React Native.

What is Reactjs?

Reactjs is a JavaScript library designed specifically for the development of the page layer of mobile and web applications. It utilizes reusable components in order to provide a better design for its apps. Facebook released the library to public access in the year 2011. Since then, the popularity has grown exponentially and the heights of.

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What is React Native?

It’s an open-source framework, was developed by Facebook to address its ever-growing mobile requirements. React developer tools are extremely useful for developing native mobile apps that can be reused with components. While they’re similar at the fundamental level, the difference of Reactjs in comparison to React Native is substantial. Both tools are considered to be the best in their respective field. React Developer Tools are highly useful for developers.

Benefits of Using Reactjs For Web Development

  • Development speed is improved by using components that are reusable
  • High performance due to virtual DOM
  • Stability of code with unidirectional data flow

Benefits of React Native

  • It establishes the ideal enterprise mobility solution
  • Extensive community support

The Key Differences between React Native and React.

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Let’s look at some of the main distinctions between React Native and React:

  1. React Native is the full framework that is used to create Mobile Applications, while React is simply the JavaScript library.
  2. React’s primary focus is web development, whereas React Native’s main focus is Mobile App Development.
  3. The code written using React was long and complicated, whereas the usage of React Native made the code easier and simpler.
  4. For React it is necessary to use DOM to render paths of HTML tags. React Native utilizes App Registry to sign up for the Mobile App.
  5. React utilizes DOM which is a DOM-based language, and DOM was originally created as a tool for HTML as well, therefore React is employed for web development. React Native doesn’t use DOM or HTML therefore it cannot be employed for web development.
  6. React Native does not have DOM for any interactions and therefore uses its own customized tags in comparison to HTML tags that are used in React. For instance, instead of the <div > tag( which is utilized within React), React Native utilizes the built-in <View > tag and, as part of the umbrella of this tag, it will be integrated into native programming (e.g. View to Android as well as UIView in iOS).
  7. React is employed to serve Front End purposes, while React Native is utilized to develop mobile applications in all aspects.
  8. In the past, developers had to write various iOS as well as Android codes, whereas when using React Native, you just must switch to Native Code and optimize the code to meet your needs, and thus, developers do not have to create different codes that work for iOS or Android.
  9. React is quicker due to using DOM( Document Object Model) which refreshes the portion of the page faster than the traditional full refresh model. React Native includes the Native Modules along with Native Components which boost the performance of the specific application.
  10. React is extremely simple to use and simple to understand even for those not familiar with React. In React it is not necessary to go through the vast list of concepts. Native application development is slow and slow to deploy. React Native is majorly about the speed and coordination of web-based application development and providing the best user experience to the hybrid world.