Everything You Need to Know About the Stair Rail System


Everything You Need to Know About the Stair Rail System

Talking about the stair rail system, it is a system where you design the stair railings. Railings are a protective barrier to prevent trips and falls.

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Talking about the stair rail system, it is a system where you design the stair railings. Railings are a protective barrier to prevent trips and falls. Most railings are put on both sides to save from any type of drop. If you are wishing to design an attention-grabbing staircase, then in that case the stair handrail and stair railing are equally important as the staircase. It is advised to put a stair railing towards the open side. Stair railings are available in all shapes and sizes.

Types of the Stair Rail System

Stair Handrail on the Wall

The handrails that are mounted on the wall are fitted with banister brackets. They can be of any material- Stainless Steel or Wood, Round or Angular, Adjustable or Fixed.

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A Complete Stair Bannister

If you wish to have a complete stair banister, then also you have a lot of options to choose from. These options include structural glass railings, railings with infill of glass, bars, or mesh. Here, you also get the option of an easy glass wall system where you get a glass banister and wall all in one. The installation system depends on the design and the location of the staircase. If you are establishing banisters in places like stadiums, airports or cinemas then you need to take care of the safety measures.

Handrail for Stair Railing

Generally, if you’re going for a stair railing then you should top it with a handrail. If you are wishing to put a glass railing then you can top it with a round or square profile tube. Or you can also go around a square stair handrail that you put directly on the side of the glass infill using the handrail brackets. You can get the round versions in stainless steel and wood also.

Lighted Stair Railing

If you are a person who likes to add something extra, then you can create the stair handrails or the railing with LED lights. The LED strips can be put on the railings, and you can glow up the handrail. The installation is quick and easy in-wall mounted handrails and stair banisters also. Do not forget to make the installations wait with the assistance of an electrician. It will ensure the safety and proper management of the rules and regulations with the construction process.

Application of Stair Railing

Front Porch Stair Railing

We know that the first impression is the last so while you make your home you wish that the outdoors stands out. Only a high-quality elegant railing can enhance the look and entry of your home. Usually, a metal steel railing would transform the look upside down. Though construction of such railings is an expensive effort and it is worth it because it adds real value to your home.

Back Porch Stair Railing

The back porch is an amazing place to enjoy and relax. Therefore, Adding a stair railing to the back porch is an ideal spot to make your cool summer evenings look upgraded and beautiful. It makes the look of the indoors and the outdoors more accessible.

Garden Stair Railing

If the pathways of the backyard are well maintained then they give an attractive look to your home. Therefore, installing a railing around the garden area makes this attractive look, a reality. After the installation of the railing around your garden, your garden will become more accessible, and the landscape will look more gorgeous. You can also elevate certain areas of your garden by the addition of stair railings.

Stair Railing Gate

You can also create a gate while using stair railings. The safety of children is very important, and keeping them in a closed space ensures that, therefore, one thing I always go for is a stainless steel gate stair rail that will help you keep your mind in peace while you are outside. The gate stair rail not only helps to keep your children safe but also helps to prevent pets from getting lost.

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Half Wall Stair Railing

The half-wall stair railing is an efficient way of dividing the space and maintaining openness at the same time. It includes a short wall stair rail that is attached to the handrail. The half-wall stair rail can be topped with wood to match the floor and also to keep the whole look the same.

Enclosed Stair Railing

The most modern and the most trendy idea one can implement while using the stair railing is to enclose them fully or partially with the surrounding walls. It gives a modern touch along and it helps in less visibility of the stairs too. Therefore, choose the ideal stair rail for your home according to the space available and your ideas.

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