Do black elbows and knees bother you? Experts recommend treatment

black elbows and knees


There is nothing new about black elbows or knees, it is a common skin condition of many people but the question is does it bother you? Many of us have noticed that the areas around our elbows and knees are relatively darker than our arms or legs. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about hyper-pigmentation. In this regard, the dermatologist has highlighted the various causes of darkening of the elbows and knees.

The reasons for the blackening of the elbows and knees are

1-Permanent friction

There are many factors and constant friction between the skin and the surface can cause your elbows and knees to turn black.

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2-Tight clothing

Tight clothing can also blacken your elbows and knees.

3-The formation of dead skin cells or dirt

It is clear that if you do not clean yourself properly, dirt will deepen the skin over time. Sometimes, the accumulation of dead skin cells does the same.

4-Excess light of the sun

If you don’t take proper care of your skin with sunscreen, too much sunlight can damage your skin causing it to turn black.


Many people with diabetes experience dark spots on the skin and in women, the skin also turns black due to hormonal changes.

Things to avoid

1-Avoid using bleaching creams and scrubbing.

Sometimes, bleaching creams are very reactive and do not suit everyone’s skin. Rubbing the skin can also damage your body’s sensitive outer shell.

2-Avoid keeping your legs and elbows on the table.

Try to avoid friction by keeping the elbows on the table constantly during work.

What to do if elbows and knees are black.


You should include moisturizer as an essential product in your skin care system, it nourishes your skin and helps keep it healthy.

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2-Use pigment lightening creams

These pigment lightening creams help to soften your complexion and get rid of some of the hyper pigmentation.