9 Best Book Marketing Services for Self-Published Authors

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9 Best Book Marketing Services for Self-Published Authors

Every year, more than one million books are self-published. Due to the large number of new books that reach the market on an annual basis, the competi

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Every year, more than one million books are self-published. Due to the large number of new books that reach the market on an annual basis, the competition is severe. Consumers today have more options than they have ever had. In this situation, what should a self-published author do?

Once upon a time, publicity companies only worked with traditionally published books; however, today, a wide range of book publicity and marketing services are available to self-published writers, as well as to traditionally published authors. If a self-published author wishes to be successful, using the services of a public relations firm is generally the wisest course of action.

Among the various methods of self-published book promotion for authors include social media marketing, internet advertisements, email marketing, and others. Book public relations services often involve the preparation and distribution of press releases, PR coverage and placements, and interviews.

But how does a self-published author get their foot in the door? What are the most effective book publicity and marketing services that are now available to you? When it comes to advertising books and ensuring that they are generating excitement surrounding their release, these ten companies are among the most successful in the industry. Look over the options in the table below and select the one that best suits you and your book.

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1. MindStir Media

MindStir Media has been assisting authors with the promotion and publicization of their works for more than a decade. They have earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the greatest book marketing businesses in the United States as a result of their numerous customers being best sellers and award winners.

A well-known entrepreneur and award-winning author of four #1 Amazon best-sellers, J.J. Hebert, is in charge of the group. His knowledge of public relations enables him to guide Mindstir Media to success with each and every customer that they serve.

According to many self-published writers, MindStir Media is their first and best choice for Author marketing services. For more than a decade, MindStir has provided assistance to self-published authors. The three-month book publicity bundle is their most popular book promotional service.

Design and construction of an author website, as well as assured book reviews, book trailer creation and promotion on YouTube, public relations placements on NBC, CBS, and FOX, as well as guaranteed interviews and book spotlights, are all included in the package.

MindStir Media also offers a different influencer package, through which Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington will promote your book through a video endorsement and social media shoutouts, which were introduced last year.

2. Scribe Media

Scribe Media is a book marketing company based in the United States that is driven by a desire to share the best stories with the globe. In only seven years, they have collaborated with over 2,000 authors and generated 18 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers, among other accomplishments. It is their goal to assist authors in navigating through all of the difficulties that come with publishing a book.

Scribe Media establishes itself as a dependable partner for aspiring authors by allowing them to retain publishing rights and creative control over their work. They have the best interests of authors at heart, and they work tirelessly to obtain the greatest results possible for them.

3. Manhattan Book Group

Manhattan Book Group (MBG) is a self-publishing company based on Broadway in New York City that provides self-published authors with comprehensive book publicity and marketing assistance. “Manhattan Book Group is a reliable and feasible choice operated by a bestselling author with demonstrable competence in the publishing industry,” writes the New York Weekly.

“It comes highly recommended.” Manhattan Book Group was ranked as the number one independent book publisher in New York City by Kev’s Best. In addition to Best Seller Campaigns, MBG also specializes in guaranteed media placements on major news outlets.

Authors can enroll in MBG’s Author Program to take advantage of the Best Seller Campaign, or they can purchase marketing and public relations services on an as-needed basis. Manhattan Book Group is a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking for PR and book marketing help and services in New York City and the surrounding areas.

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4. Story Monsters

Story Monsters provides book marketing and publicity services for authors of books in a wide range of genres. It is understood by the forward-thinking staff that each and every book requires a new approach because every story is unique. They customize their services to meet the needs of your target demographic, your budget, and your overall marketing objectives.

Story Monsters offers a variety of marketing packages to select from, ensuring that every author can find something that suits their needs. Because of their adaptability, they have established themselves as one of the greatest book marketing businesses in the United States.

5. Seacoast Press

Seacoast Press is one of the most prestigious book publishers in New England, with a reputation for excellence. They promote best-sellers on Amazon and engage in aggressive social media marketing campaigns.

Using Twitter as an example, they may promote books through a network of accounts that has over 500,000 targeted followers. If the idea of being an Amazon best-selling author appeals to you, this is a viable possibility to explore exploring further.

6. Kelley & Hall

Authors and publishers can seek assistance from Kelley & Hall, which describes itself as a literary publicity business that is dedicated to assisting them with their promotion, marketing, and media relations.

They generate effective book buzz as well as author recognition, both of which will help to enhance book sales in the future. Kelley & Hall is a publishing company that assists authors in developing their author brand. Kelley & Hall’s book marketing and book promotion services are the company’s cornerstones.

Lisa Genova, the author of the novel Still Alice, is one of their most significant success stories. With the assistance of Kelley & Hall, Genova’s work was featured on television, radio, newspapers, and blogs, and she was the recipient of several literary awards.

7. Nissen Public Relations

A wide range of services is offered by Nissen Public Relations, including book publicity, book marketing, media outreach, and author brand development. They specialize in working with nonfiction and business book authors, offering them with a comprehensive range of services to help them achieve success with their works. They are able to suit any budget or timetable thanks to their customizable plans.

When it comes to book marketing, audiences are extremely crucial, and Nissen Public Relations is well-known for its ability to place books in front of the correct people.

Clients benefit from more efficient marketing and faster outcomes as a result of this. Their wide range of services has propelled them to the top of the list of the best book marketing businesses in the United States.

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8. Smith Publicity

Smith PR is one of the most experienced book publicity organizations in the industry, having been in business for decades. They’ve collaborated with a diverse range of published authors, ranging from self-published to traditionally published authors. Smith Publicity takes great delight in providing clients with tailored and personalized book publicity services.

On their website, they state that their campaigns are focused on increasing sales, growing and strengthening your author brand, generating interest for speaking engagements, and assisting you in using your book as a vehicle to gain media coverage and new business/clients.

Written Word Media

Published by Written Word Media, we take a fresh approach to book promotion and marketing. The company owns five brands that can help you promote your book to millions of potential readers across the world.

The majority of their 20,000 clients are authors who have self-published their books. The companies’ brands Bargain Booksy, Free Booksy, Red Feather Romance, New In Books, and Audio Thicket help authors get their books into people’s hands for free. Each site caters to a certain demographic and assists authors in reaching a specific target audience based on their work.


When it comes to public relations and marketing firms, the ones listed above are some of the best in the industry, and they should be considered by authors when planning to market their book. MindStir Media, on the other hand, understands that finding the right match between authors and a reliable marketing partner is critical to achieving success.

The company has worked with numerous notable authors, publishing, and marketing hundreds of books, many of which have been bestsellers and award winners. They understand that selecting the public relations and marketing firm that best suits you and your job will give you the best opportunity of achieving success.