Promotional Marketing: How Does This Strategy Work?


Promotional Marketing: How Does This Strategy Work?

Don't have promotional marketing actions in the strategies? Go back five houses!. Jokes aside, tactics aimed at increasing brand visibility are really

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Don’t have promotional marketing actions in the strategies? Go back five houses!. Jokes aside, tactics aimed at increasing brand visibility are really fundamental. No wonder they are part of one of the pillars of the famous marketing mix. But what is brand promotion anyway? We are going to say a little about the importance of promotional marketing, its advantages for the business, and the main actions, both in the physical environment and on the internet. Follow up!

What is promotional marketing?

Do you know the marketing mix? This, which is one of the fundamental definitions for anyone starting to study the world of marketing -, provides the pillars for a solid strategy – and all of them must be well established, as they work interdependently:

  • product (or service): what you sell;
  • price: how much you sell for;
  • square: where you sell;
  • promotion: why what you sell is better.

Did you notice that last one? Promotion is about differentiating your brand. Through promotional marketing strategies, you will show a potential customer that your product or service is better than the competition.

Whether it’s because there’s a true purpose behind your business or because you’re on the same page as your audience in terms of interests and needs, think about the following: what is more valuable to your brand than others?

It is through promotional marketing that you will offer a complete experience to your customers and, from that, strengthen relationships. More than selling an object, you will be selling your brand. Do you know what digital marketing exactly is? How does it work? And what are its benefits for your e-commerce? Read our post to learn all about it.

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Advantages of promotional marketing

Focusing on this pillar of marketing has broader effects than increasing the sales rate. Look!

The number of customers grows.

As an immediate result of promotional marketing actions, you will see the number of customers grow. After all, you will be able to attract more audiences to know your products or services.

Current customers are loyal

With a good promotional marketing strategy, you can build customer loyalty. This means that whoever consumes what you sell has such a positive perception of the brand that the competition falls apart, regardless of price comparisons. For example, a Coca-Cola lover would hardly buy a Pepsi, despite having similar flavors, even if the latter was on a super sale.

Loyal customers become ambassadors

Even better: customers are not only loyal but also become brand ambassadors. That is, they help to publicize the brand and attract new consumers. And not only with regard to that product or service that won his heart, but the brand identity with which he identifies.

The brand is consolidated as a reference

When the brand starts to be seen as something more significant than a brand logo on the product and has loyal customers and ambassadors helping to publicize it, visibility takes a leap. Gradually, the business name becomes a reference in its market niche.

What are promotional marketing actions?

The advantages are very positive, right? But how do we put promotional marketing into practice? Below, check out some of the more traditional actions.

Personalized gifts

Offering gifts to partners, consumers, potential customers, and even employees is a consecrated action in promotional marketing. Make no mistake: it is far from just a free treat. Personalized gifts are very strategic, as they promote a positive perception of the brand. Even if unconsciously, those who receive them begin to build a favorable memory of the business.

Free samples

Have you ever bought a thing basically on the grounds that you got a sample and were more than happy? Yes, providing a service or distributing products for free is an excellent way to attract new customers and gain trust in your offer. This is the case of “free trials.” Big brands usually offer a few days of free use of the service they sell, and this works very well – for example, the 30 days to try Netflix without commitment.

Sweepstakes that encourage engagement

Sweepstakes often involve more than one specific product or service. Usually, what is at stake is a “kit” of value offers, a trip, tickets to an event related to the company’s performance, among other things. This prize is given to a randomly picked customer who, in return, needs to perform some action, such as accumulating value in purchases or publicizing a strategic hashtag on social networks.

Incentive campaigns

Incentive campaigns are totally linked to strengthening ties: either to encourage a customer to continue shopping or to make employees and partners “wear the shirt” of the brand. An example of a consecrated incentive campaign is the classic airline frequent flyer program. The logic is basically this: with the accumulation of some bargaining chip, the person receives a product, service, or privilege of value with the brand.

Corporate events

Corporate events are another classic of promotional marketing. The proposal is to make the target audience immersed in the brand’s proposal through:

  • shelves with new products and services;
  • lectures with the most outstanding references in the area;
  • artistic attractions ;
  • interactive experiences.

How to do promotional marketing on the internet?

Digital marketing strategies can – and should too! – have a direction for the promotion of the brand. The proposal is the same: to stimulate engagement, strengthen ties and achieve more visibility. Here are some ideas for applying promotional internet marketing.

Exclusive content

How about offering exclusive content to a select group of customers? For example, it could be the ten who interact the most on social media or the 50 who watch every episode of a webinar series live.

If the “prize” is attractive, you will certainly encourage your target audience to try to achieve that privileged position. In addition, those selected have everything to feel unique and even more aligned with the brand. From there, becoming ambassadors it’s a hop!

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Special discounts

In the same vein as an incentive campaign, offering special discounts to followers or customers who accumulate some exchange currency is possible.


Contests are also an effective way to encourage engagement. For example, a theme contest for blog content or short videos telling some experience related to the brand’s purpose.


Experimentation also comes into play in digital territory. In the same style as free trials, free samples are excellent for attracting more public to the brand and consolidating it as a reference.

Online events

It’s also nice to involve the public in an extensive outreach campaign for an online event. That’s right! Promotional events don’t just have to be in person: with the functionality of live broadcasts on the leading social networks, you can hold 100% virtual brand promotion events.

Is promotional marketing a priority?

After this reading, you saw that promotional marketing is a great ally to establish the brand as a reference, in addition to being a reliable way to increase the customer base. So be sure to treat it as a priority in your business!