8 Practical Signs of Karmic Relationship


8 Practical Signs of Karmic Relationship

The concept of karma is said to be an important part of life. Karma refers to the sum of all that an individual has done in their lifetime and whether

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The concept of karma is said to be an important part of life. Karma refers to the sum of all that an individual has done in their lifetime and whether or not you believe in it or not, karma will affect your everyday life. There are numerous signs you can look for when trying to identify if your relationship is based on karmic love.

Signs that you are in a Karmic Relationship

How do we know whether it is a karmic relationship of now? How can we withdraw ourselves from such intoxicating relationships? These are some genuine questions that all of us are curious about, and thus, let’s understand the basic signs of karmic relationships;

Instant connection

If you believe in karma and past lives, you are surely going to believe this. Have you ever felt that you are developing an instant connection with someone you have just met? If yes, it is an undeniable sign of a karmic relationship. You might feel you’ve got an instant connection with a certain person too early at the stage of any relationship. You’ll probably try to convince yourself that it is love at first sight or some unusual chemistry with your partner. You may feel this because you have a past life connection with that person, which shows in your current scenario.

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Uncontrollable Drama

We all agree that relationships do go through several tragedies from time to time, especially when we have just started dating. And this drama is natural. But, if that drama goes over the top, causing break-up and make-up situations all the time, understand that it is a karmic relationship. Too much turbulence is the sign of a karmic relationship, and constant uncontrollable drama is what shows there’s no stability. The constant break-up/make-up cycle makes the relationship week while bringing lots of anxiety and depression to your brain.

Unhealthy but Addictive

All relationships are addictive; this is what you are thinking right now. Isn’t it? Yes, relationships are addictive, but you need to differentiate between healthy addictive and toxically addictive. Your relationship is toxically addictive when you still end up being beside each other after constant drama, fights, and break-ups. This behavior is an undeniable sign of a toxic karmic relationship. Karma has brought you together for a reason, and it will keep you together for a certain time it is meant to be. So beware if you too are feeling too much addicted to your partner or your unhealthy relationship.

Feeling of Selfishness

Karmic relationships are not soulful relationships. People in karmic relationships are not soul mates, and thus, they end up thinking only about their satisfaction and happiness. The two people involved in karmic relationships are often found to be kind of selfless. However, there’s no selfless feeling of love observed. Self-satisfaction and self-love is more evident in a karmic relationship. Therefore, these relationships are tagged as unhealthy, not for life, and short-term relationships. And this ultimately teaches us a lesson before we finally part our ways.

Increased dependency

You will observe a lot of changes in your personality once you enter a karmic relationship. One such change is an increased dependency on your partner. You feel too dependant on the smallest decisions in life, which eventually lets you lose your instincts. The toxicity in the relationship starts at this point, and you need to take a deep breath to think about your abilities and decision-making powers. Thus, this is yet another undeniable sign of a karmic relationship.

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Broken Communication

Healthy communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, which isn’t the case with a karmic relationship. When you are dating a person, who is not your soul mate; you do not get a chance to communicate well with your partner. Broken communication is a definite sign of a karmic relationship. So when you cannot discuss the sorrows of your relationship or its shortcomings, you probably are in a karmic relationship.

Fear of the Consequence

You never feel settled in a karmic relationship. As a result, there’s always a fear of the consequence. Till how long will the relationship last? Are we meant to be with each other for life? Will we be happy together? Is it going to be a life-long association? Will I ever feel happy and contented with my partner? Such questions are sure to come. And that is what you fear the most. Since karmic relationships are not meant to work for life, you might always find yourself under the fear of uncertainty. You worry about the consequence or future of the relationship. And this disturbs your productivity in life, making you pale and clueless about the other important things.

Feeling of exhaustion

It is definite, when you are not happy about a certain thing, be it a decision in life or a relationship, you feel exhausted. The same reasoning is applied to karmic relationships as well. You feel exhausted mentally, physically, and even emotionally. You end up hurting yourself, and you tend to question your abilities in life. Therefore, this is the worst part of being in a karmic relationship because you start losing self-confidence and self-control in life. This damage is sometimes irreplaceable.

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