How to Change the Name on Your Flight Ticket

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How to Change the Name on Your Flight Ticket

When travelling over greater distances, using a flight can be convenient. You should prepare your trip essentials, such as your baggage and travel doc

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When travelling over greater distances, using a flight can be convenient. You should prepare your trip essentials, such as your baggage and travel documents, before you leave for the airport. To prevent any hassles, double check the personal information you have submitted to the airline. But sometimes, a mistaken name is listed on your ticket. It’s possible that you spelled anything incorrectly, changed your maiden name after getting married, or because of some other reasons. There’s no need to freak out if you make a mistake when booking your flight. Here, we are sharing a complete guide about how to change the name on your flight

Can you change a name on a flight ticket?

Most airline tickets allow you to change the name, although you will typically be charged an
administration fee to do so. Some airlines will let you modify the name on your reservation if there is a spelling error, but they won’t let you change the flight’s destination. One or two
characters may be the only things that change. Some airlines might not allow any changes at all. Please get in touch with the customer service staff if you need to alter the name on your Alternative Airlines ticket. Here is the list of major airlines’ policies to change the name of your flight ticket.

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What happens if you’ve made a spelling mistake on your flight ticket?

You should make an effort to phone the airline you are flying with or Alternative Airlines so
that the spelling error on your ticket is corrected as soon as possible. You might not be able
to fly if the name on your ticket and the name in your passport do not match. Most of the
time, a minor correction can be made without charging the passenger extra, although this
will depend on the specific airline’s name change policy.

What are the Major Airlines’ Policy on Name Changes?

When you realise that the name on your ticket is incorrect, it can be stressful, therefore we
wanted to share the major airlines’ policies in case this happens to you.

● Alaska Airlines Policy on Name Change:

Alaska Airlines will correct your name without charge, If you follow the process within 24
hours of making the flight reservation. You will be penalised if name corrections are made
after the 24-hour limit has passed. However, you could also try to negotiate the amount to
make it the lowest possible.

● American Airlines Policy on Name Change:

● If a passenger makes a small spelling mistake when making the initial ticket, they are
able to change their first name under American Airlines’ name correction policy.
● Similarly, American Airlines offers the option to totally change a passenger’s last
name on a booked ticket in cases of legal changes like marriage or divorce.
● American airlines do not allow you to change the name on a ticket of a person to
another person.

● Delta Airlines Policy on Name Change:

Don’t worry if you used your nickname instead of first and last name. Delta airlines gives you the option to change your first or middle name on the ticket . Corrections to the last name are limited to a maximum of three characters, and if you accidentally hyphenated your second name, you can still fix this as long as it doesn’t belong to another person.

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● Frontier Airlines Policy on Name Change:

Changing the name on your ticket could be risky with some airlines. They simply request
that you cancel your reservations or tickets. However, you will have a happy approach in
terms of Frontier Airlines. Under certain conditions, the airline allows passengers to apply
the name correction policy. Here are some of the important highlights from the Frontier Airlines Policy on Name Change

● The first, middle, or last name may be changed up to three characters. The count of
three characters shall not be misunderstood as the three characters each for first
name, middle name, and last name.
● Passengers can make changes for free within 24 hours of booking, under Frontier
Airlines’ 24-hour risk-free period.
● Requests for name changes made to Frontier Airlines under legal circumstances,
including divorce decrees, name changes after marriage, and all other legal name
change requests.
● Passengers can make changes through the official website of Frontier airline, or they
can contact the customer support executive for the same.

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