He magic of little cardamom


He magic of little cardamom

It starts with coffee in the morning and then ends with breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner and then coffee. Imagine for a second you were transpose

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It starts with coffee in the morning and then ends with breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner and then coffee. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Yes! A little green cardamom. If you look at the history of the subcontinent, where architecture attracted the world, the variety of delicious food on the table also proved its mettle.

You serve tea to the guests or make kheer, biryani or sohan halwa, the guest is fond of coffee or sweet drink; Are incomplete In 2021, green cardamom is in full swing in the market, but it seems to be in short supply. Which is because of its sky-high price. Green cardamom is currently being sold at Rs. 1392 per kg in Pakistan after various fluctuations (which used to be mostly in dollar or gold prices).

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When we contacted here and there in search of this little magical spice, we found out that we are not self-sufficient in its cultivation but we are scared, because this little spice grows in a very luxurious way. The hard work is to plant rice, which is apparently spread in the ground like a sixth by hand, but when the plants come out, then this cheese is taken out of one ground by hand and planted in the prepared soil, then something like this.

The same is true of green cardamom. Green cardamom is planted in the ground with the help of hands with great effort and the best time for this is June, July. Here, too, this little cardamom is very tasty. Yes, just like while drinking cardamom tea, reading a book on poetry and literature or drinking coffee, listening to the rabab is a pleasure in its own right. It may be the month of June, July, but clouded, dim and dreamy.

An area where rainfall is between 1500 mm to 2500 mm and temperature is between 15 to 35 degrees is considered best for full growth of green cardamom crop. The experiment of green cardamom in Pakistan has not been very successful so far, perhaps the main reason is the lack of measures in this regard at the government level, ie the government’s lack of interest.

According to the farmers of Punjab, the main reason for the apparent decline in the rice crop is the hard work done on it and unpredictable rains due to climate change also cause severe damage to the crop, due to which small farmers He avoids planting crops which do not even cover his expenses. That is why green cardamom demands more labor and expense than rice crop.

If you grow 6 kg of green cardamom crop, you will get about 1 kg of the finished crop and for this you have to arrange labor separately. Therefore, small farmers in Punjab do not prefer to grow such crops. In Pakistan, green cardamom is imported from India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The figures for its imports are also somewhat ambiguous. But in Pakistan, from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the mountains of Balochistan, you will not find any home without green cardamom. Growing it is hard work, but this magical cardamom is just as profitable for its owner.

That is, if you are cultivating it on a large scale, you can earn a profit of about Rs. 90,000 per acre of cardamom field. Pakistan’s land and climate are undoubtedly very conducive to green cardamom cultivation, but here the farmer needs the help of the government. The sky-high price of green cardamom makes it very important in the kitchen.

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Now, to express love, Mahboob feels proud to compare himself or his lover with “cardamom”. So as soon as possible we should try to get this magical thing of fragrance and taste within our reach so that we can easily feel its absence in everything from the taste of food to the aroma of coffee.

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